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Here's a spiritual warfare poem of clarity and understanding. God gave His children the power to trample of scorpions and snakes through Christ Jesus. The Light is already victorious.


Higher up
I dream, over darkness
If Light in
Front, I'm hunting witches
Like I'm hunted
For nothing, my spirit sickle with me
Modern times
Ain't nothing removed
'Cause, then, I had to pan it
No offense to
What is prestigious, the beings with character
I see, thus ain't witches
With casting and asking demons
Spells, gravitating hatred
To aspects, and things, that mean alot
Unassociated though
Still my tribe, but some things were blocked
On the other hand
Another land
We can chill, sit, and listen to instruments
With tremendous speakers
Forget the end
You like yogurt, I like figs and mint tea
Don't, quickly, convince
Yourself, to list me, as risky
I meant, these, colours
Ain't true
Except the ribbons, different, archetypes
'Cause trust is in muses
A shifty day in age, carnal fights, the starry nights
Martyred, by startling sights and pains
Writing pages
Borrow my hearts, intrinsic ties
It rains
Glistening eyes, consistently tried, to ascertain the
If empty, or at least, half that, unchanging lull, if any...
Where's the wool
Map that
So I can craft, and rehash the lenin
Tag, and reknitt it
Sitting, vague in my raggedy chair
And happily
Must be something wrong with me
What's been told
But, see, I don't believe in brokenness longer
Than what Jehovah needs
To help me
Long-suffering, tell me, I know when things are spelling
In my lows, wondering
The road's puzzling, and thundering
Consistent with thee
A whole 'nother realm, so much has though
Desireth my failure, but there's more to the ocean...
Current stirs conditioning me
Before the fire settled
Writers breath some life into ink though
I don't think so...
Green? No
See, it takes conspiring to make a thing go
Just let Jehovah Jireh design my key notes
Still worth it, mealworms, a little turkey
Haven't checked a broadcast
But accurate
Like I still heard it...
Living life for the Lord
One has a real purpose
Putting self aside
Like of mammon, or while we're still searching

I do all I do for the greater


Darkness, Life, Persecution, Spiritual, Truth

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author avatar Oluwasgun Chidike
Author. Story Teller. Dreamer. Prophet of YHWH. One Of Those Revolutions Will Begin With A Pen.

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author avatar LifeisGood
1st Jul 2018 (#)

Good write Oluwasgun.

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