With love from China!

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I take Elmarie and Mother to Chongwa, the Chinese shop where I buy many things I use in my art projects.

Elmarie is looking for stuff for her arts driven pre-school concert. Elmarie is the principal there.

With love from China

Mother is in such a rush, but Elmarie walks very slowly and looks at absolutely everything in the shop. She wants to make sure she doesn't miss anything that she could possibly use in her show.

Unfortunately things here are much more expensive than they are at the Chinese shops in Cape Town. Probably has something to do with things having to be transported all the way inland to here, adding to the costs of everything. It's on average exactly twice as expensive as in Cape Town.

But anyway, she enjoys buying a lot, and I buy a lot of things for myself too.

But it's Elmarie's lucky day. The Chinese shopkeep here already knows me from always buying a lot from his store, and by now he's always giving me a discount.

And he must really love Elmarie, because he's giving her discounts too, even more than mine. For example, where a dress up flower costs R18, he only rings R15 on the till. How lovely for Elmarie to be associated with me.

We also get gifts after checkout. Elmarie gets two fluffy toys on a keyring, that she knows her son Tinley will simply love, and when we're home it turns out he indeed does love it.

I get a teddy bear that says "I love you" on a red heart. The Chinaman says he'll give it to me and I can give it to Elmarie.

I'm not sure if the Chinaman thought Elmarie is my wife or girlfriend or what, because this "I love you" teddybear makes it seem so.

Well, whatever; the toy is going to Elmarie's children anyway and they seem to love it, so it's all well loved and appreciated. Thanks Chinaman!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Nov 2015 (#)

Enjoyable read, thanks Marzeus - siva

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8th Feb 2020 (#)

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