Women, the hidden treasure?

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Gone are the days when a woman's only work was sit in the kitchen and cook. Women have great ideas that could see the world reach to great levels. Exploring women's great and admirable abilities could further reveal how great a treasure women are to the society

Women, the hidden treasure?

In recent times, womens’ issues seem to have hit in all manner of ways; be it on the media, social forums, in politics and everywhere else. Someone may thus ask, why women? I appreciate very much the role played by men in the society and over the years, for as far as I know, men were considered superior than women at least from where I come from. I do not wish to get into the superiority or equality ideas since everyone has what they believe in. Having come from a developing country where women’s roles were just in the kitchen and giving birth in the past, I may have an idea on how changing the role of women in the society could have a great impact on the world at large. I would like to salute all women out there, who are out to condemn the evils done on the female gender. Gone are the days when girls were not taken to school and were considered inferior to men. However, it so happens that a few people here and there are, still not educating their girls on the basis that they are a lesser gender. It is also very annoying that some are still practicing the female genital mutilation even after a ban has been put on that. I embrace tradition because I have my reasons but some practices are of the past and need to be done away with. Why put a girl’s life at risk by mutilating her genitals? One of the things they fail to understand is the health implications that same cut has on the girl in her life. It is also very true that some of the girls who have undergone the cutting are affected psychologically. I would give no better term for the cutting other than an evil and barbaric act.

The issue of early marriage has long been forgotten. We fail to realize that the mother is always the first teacher to her children and well if she dropped out of school to get children, she may have very little to teach them. Once we appreciate the role of the mother in raising up children especially in the developing countries, we will not fail to see the kind of treasure we are losing. Rape has been another great beast that has eaten up the society. It happens that though men are also victims of rape, majority of the victims are women. I was shocked the other day when watching news and someone had raped a woman in her seventies. It leaves a big question on how much our morals have deteriorated. What did that old lady do to deserve such inhuman act? Recently in my country there was war in one of the areas and majority of those who were affected were women and children. It so happens that women and children are the ones befallen by most evils in the society.

For all years, I have believed that the greatest weapon you can give a woman is quality education, which is all she needs to fight against any discrimination against her. I practically do appreciate the great numbers of people that have been out empowering women and providing education to them. That is a very bright step and all we can do is hope that it delivers women who are affected, from their troubles. I feel sorry for women who are sacked from work due to pregnancy. Where would we get future employees if these women did not give birth? Wasn’t the same person firing the woman born of a woman’s womb? It needs think critically before taking some actions as this.

On the other hand, I would also blame women as much. I recently had a discussion with a few of my female friends and since the elections in my country are approaching pretty fast, I happened to ask them their opinions on the female candidates and the answers I got were not amazing at all. Despite having very high education, some women do not believe in excellence of other women. For instance, a woman giving a strong statement as “I can never vote for a woman” is practically unbelievable. Women are their own enemies. It could be the way some were brought up or what they were made to believe. I would however urge all women to stand strong and stand for each other because only in that way, will change be felt in society.

Women love peace and would not embrace the idea of fighting but would rather have a peaceful conversation and this would be a great stepping stone to end many wars all over the world. Women love development. The joy of a mother is to see the success of her children regardless of gender, because a mother’s love is one of the strongest loves, if not the strongest. Women would love to grow socially, economically and politically and I still believe that this is necessary if we are ever to dream of a better tomorrow. Women should make a great part of the better future. It is time that women got the chance to explore the greatness in them and rise to greater heights. I celebrate women a great deal.


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
26th Sep 2013 (#)

Awesome! I, too, celebrate women, feminism, and equality for all. I have had similar conversations with people who would not vote for a woman. It makes me scratch my head in confusion.
Also, thanks for the follow! I will enjoy learning from you, and hope you will enjoy my articles as well.

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author avatar gliceria
26th Sep 2013 (#)

Hey Campbell.Glad that you share the same sentiments with me.I hope to learn a lot from you too.

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