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I've seen many people fail their English exams and tests even though their work is A class material. The cause of their failure is a simple and usually ignored part of English but a very important part nevertheless - vocabulary. Here are a list of some difficult words and their meaning.

Difficult words

These are some keys for abbreviations given below:
(n) --> noun
(v) --> verb
(adj) --> adjective

  1. Abjure (v): To abstain from or renounce something.
  2. Abstruse (adj): Difficult to understand.
  3. Accolade (n): Praise and approval; "Her approval was the highest accolade he could have received"
  4. Anglo-Saxon (adj): Describe the people who lived in England from about 600AD and their language and customs.
  5. Annals (n): Formal historical records of the activities of a country or organization or history in general; "He will go down in the annals of history as a great leader".
  6. Antiquarian (adj): Connected with the trade, collection or study of old and valuable or rare objects; "An antiquarian bookshop".
  7. Antiquarian (n): A person who studies or collects objects or artistic works from a long time ago.
  8. Archaic (n): Of or belonging to the distant past.
  9. Badinage (n): Conversation or remarks that are joking and not serious.
  10. Bailee (n): A person receiving goods in trust.
  11. Bailey (n): The outer wall of a castle; space between outer and inner walls.
  12. Ballista (n): Ancient military catapult for throwing or shooting projectiles like arrows, rocks etc.
  13. Ballistic (adj): Pertaining to projectiles.
  14. Ballistician (n): Student of ballistics.
  15. Barbel (n): Feelers on head of certain fish.
  16. Belay (v): To secure a rope by coiling it round a projection.
  17. Bosky (adj): Densely wooded.
  18. Bronze Age (n): The time when tools and weapons were made of bronze, before iron was discovered.
  19. Buskin (n): A kind of high boot.
  20. Cabriole (n): A curving furniture leg tapering into a decorative foot, popular in the early 18th century.
  21. Cachet (n): A quality of distinction and style that people admire and approve of.
  22. Cadence (n): Rhythmical fall or modulation.
  23. Cahier (n): An artists working notes or drawings; report of proceedings.
  24. Calender (n): A machine with rollers, used to form thin sheets from paper, plastic or any other material.
  25. Capriole (n): A vertical leap by horse; a playful jump performed in ballet.
  26. Carboniferous (adj): The period of geological time, between around 363 and 290 million years ago, when first reptiles appeared and there were forests covering large areas.
  27. Caveman (n): Someone who lived in the cave in the early stages of the development of human society.
  28. Contest (v): Saying formally that a statement, claim or a judges decision, is wrong or unfair and trying to have it changed; "The rightful owner was ready to contest any claims made against his newly acquired estate".
  29. Dapper (adj): Describes a man who is dressed in a fashionable and tidy way.
  30. Debonair (adj):Slightly old-fashioned word now, it is used for an attractive, confident and carefully dressed person, especially men; "A debonair young man".
  31. Decline (v): To refuse; "She declined the invitation".
  32. Defy (v): To refuse or obey; "The protesters defied the ban on public gatherings and marched on towards the parliament".
  33. Demur (v): To express disagreement or to refuse to do something.
  34. Denial (n): Refusal to satisfy a request or desire.
  35. Disavow (v): To say that you know nothing about something, or that you have no responsibility for or connection with something; "They were quick to disavow the rumour".
  36. Disclaim (v): To say that you have no responsibility or knowledge of something that has happened; "We disclaim all responsibility for this mishap".
  37. Dishevelled (adj): Very untidy, used for people or their appearance; "He looked rather dishevelled".
  38. Fashionista (n): Someone who works in or writes about the fashion industry.
  39. Foreclose (v): To prevent something from being considered as a possibility in the future.
  40. Go Ballistic: To become extremely angry.
  41. Grimy (adj): Dirty; "The child's face was grimy and streaked with tears".
  42. Grubby (adj): Informally used for dirty; "He was wearing some old shorts and a grubby T-shirt".
  43. Grungy (adj): A US slang, a person feeling tired and dirty, or a thing that is dirty; "He showed up for the party wearing some grungy old sweatshirt and jeans".
  44. Idealism (n): The belief that your ideals can be achieved, often when it does not seem likely to others.
  45. Iron Age (n): The period in early history starting about 1100BC when iron was used for tools.
  46. Jettison (v): To get rid of something or someone that is not wanted or needed; "The ship was forced to jettison the cargo and make an emergency landing".
  47. Mangy (adj): An informal way to describe something that is old and dirty and has been used a lot; "We finally got rid of that mangy old carpet".
  48. Manky (adj): An informal way to describe an object that is unpleasantly dirty, usually because its old or has been used a lot; "A manky tissue".
  49. Medieval (adj): Related to the middle ages, the period in Europian history from about 600AD to 1500AD.
  50. Mesmerising (adj): Very attractive, in a mysterious way, making you want to keep looking; "He had the most mesmerising blue eyes I've ever seen".
  51. Natty (adj): Old-fashioned informal, stylish and tidy in detail; "He's always been a natty dresser".
  52. Nix (v): An informal US word, meaning to stop, prevent or refuse to accept something; "The patrolling guard nixed the robber's plans to steal the car".
  53. Override (v): To refuse to accept or to decide against a previous decision; "The president used his veto to override the committee's decision".
  54. Overrule (v): To decide against a decision that has already been made.
  55. Punt (v): To decide not to do or include something; "We were running out time, so we decided to punt the lunch and head straight for the match".
  56. Ragtag (adj): Untidy and not similar or organised; "He arrived with a ragtag collection of friends".
  57. Ravishing (adj): Very beautiful; "She was a ravishing sight in her wedding dress".
  58. Realism (n): A way of thinking and acting based on the facts of a situation and what appears to be possible, rather than on hopes for things which are unlikely to happen.
  59. Rebel (v): To fight against the main body or disobey the rules etc.
  60. Rebuff (v): To refuse to accept a helpful suggestion or offer from someone; "The captain rebuffed all suggestions for his resignation after they lost the test series".
  61. Renaissance (n): The period of revival of art and literature in Europe, especially northern Italy, during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.
  62. Resplendent (adj): Literary having a very bright or splendid appearance; "The bride looked resplendent in the sequined gown".
  63. Scraggly (adj): In US english, used informally to describe something growing in an untidy and irregular way; "Long scraggly hair".
  64. Scrappy (adj): Not organised, badly arranged or planned and consisting of parts which fit together badly; "Your last essay was very scrappy piece of work".
  65. Slovenly (adj): Untidy and dirty; "A slovenly appearance".
  66. Spiffy (adj): In US english, used informally to mean stylish, attractive or pleasing; "A spiffy haircut".
  67. Spruce: Used informally, to improve the way something generally looks or make it more cleaner or tidier; "I need to shave and spruce myself up for the interview".
  68. Squalid (adj): Extremely dirty and unpleasant, often because of lack of money; "Prisons are mostly over crowded and squalid places".
  69. Stone Age (n): The early period in human history when people made tools and weapons only out of stone.


If you find any problems or mistakes with the content above please leave a comment and i will try to have it fixed as soon as possible :]


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