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The internet is full of online fiction magazines who will pay you to write short stories. Word Riot is one such site, only they don't pay. But money is not everything especially where online writing is concerned, and Word Riot has many other benefits besides being paid. Read on to find out a little more.

Word Riot

I love writing online, and it seems so do others. I am forever hearing on online writing sites, people saying they write for the passion and not for the money. Well now here is your chance to prove it as Word Riot is an online fiction magazine who will publish your work, only they don't pay.

Although Word Riot does not pay, they still have some great benefits for writers, especially new up and comers hoping to make a name for themselves. Word Riot describes themselves as a place who push the forceful voices of up and coming writers. And straight off this mag tells us that they are not really after veteran writers. They are more wanting of new writers, people who they can give a stage and outlet to for exposure in turn gaining themselves some great fiction writing for their site.

Site Details

Word Riot has now been around since 2002, so it has had a long time online which tells us they are established and reliable. A great thing about these is that they accept flash fiction as well as short stories, which not all online fiction magazines do. Obviously the flash fiction they expect to be 1000 words or under, and the short stories you plan sending must be between 1000 and 6500 words. There are not to many demands for the writing they want. They are mainly looking for unique pieces of writing, edgy and even challenging stories, so even though they don't pay they still expect good work. Plus you wouldn't want to send them rubbish anyway, as it is going to be your name attached to the stories you write.

Another fantastic thing about this site, is that it is an outlet for budding poets. It is pretty hard to find an out let for your poetry online, but Word Riot provides just this. You can send them up to six poems in each document you send for publication, and although you don't get paid it is a good way to have your poetry seen by Word Riot's long established audience. There are many benefits for writing for Word Riot like getting yourself out their and known as a writer, and also you can expect plenty of feedback. Which is fantastic for beginners who are starting out, and are not sure if they have what it takes to write up good fiction which people will enjoy.

Write for the Passion

It can be a confidence builder, but also a confidence crusher if you don't get the feedback your hoping for. But at least you will get an honest opinion about your work, leaving you with no misunderstanding on the things which you need to improve. Like I said many claim to write only for the passion and not the money, well prove it. Word Riot gives you just that chance, a chance to improve your writing reputation and build up your pen name. You can submit work easily to them, right their on their site it's as easy as pie.

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