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When you speak and give your word, you are creating--- literally. You speaking brings life to your values. In large part, others know who you are by the word you speak and
the agreements you make. You can learn who you are by observing which commitments., you choose to make and which one you choose to avoid.

By Making And Keeping Agreements, You Employ Your Word To Create Your Future.

The words used to talk about whether or not something will happen fall into several
different levels. We think of each level as one rung on a ladder---the ladder of powerful
speaking become more effective.

Obligation: The lowest rung on the ladder is obligation.
Words used at this level include I should, he ought to,
someone better, they need to, I had to. Speaking this
way implies that people and circumstances other than
ourselves are in control of our lives. When we live at
the level of obligation, we often feel passive and helpless
to change anything.
Note: When we move to the next rung, we leave behind
obligation and advance to self-responsibility. All of the
rungs work together to reinforce this characteristic.

Possibility: The next rung up is possibility. At this level,
we examine new options. We play with new ideas,
possible solutions, and alternative courses that dramatically
affect the quality of our lives. We are not the victims of
circumstance. Phrases that signal this level include I might,
I could, I'll consider, I hope to, and maybe.

Preference: From possibility we can move up to preference.
Here we begin the process of choice. The words I prefer
signal that we're moving toward one set of possibilities over
another, perhaps setting the stage for eventual action.

Passion: Above preference is a rung called passion. Again,
certain words signal this level: I want to, I'm really excited
to do that, I can't wait. Possibility and passion are both exciting
places to be. Even at these levels, though, we're still far from
action. Many of us want to achieve lots of things and have no
specific plan for doing so.

Planning: Action comes with the next rung----planning. When
people use phrases such as I intend to, my goal is to, I plan
to, and I'll try like mad to, they're at the level of planning.

Promising : The highest rung on the ladder is promising. This
is where the power of your word really comes into play. At this
level, its common to use phrases such as these: I will, I promise
to, I am committed, you count on it. This is where we bridge
from possibility and planning to action. Promising brings with
it all of the rewards of employing your word.

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11th Oct 2013 (#)

Very interesting post and filled with a lot of facts!

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11th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank You Fern I appreciate

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