Words for the soul by Joseph Larkin

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Political poems/rhymes that touch and social issues intertwined with thought provoking questions

Mind Submission

Endless chatter tormenting my soul
Grab hold feels like life is spinning out of control
Got to find the answers claim my destiny
The more I ponder the question the more I drift from reality
Like a soul or ghost floating but not quite free
If I were a kite and society's holding my string
Polluting my thinking like oil spills polluting the streams
So deep propaganda seeps right into my dreams
Am I wide awake governments got my head in a vice
No free thinking or free enterprise
As taxes rise, politician takes another bribe
Like a lumberjack they cut you down to size
Given mind submission through TV, school and religion
Selected information now persuades all your decisions
Mold your mind like a piece of clay, to make a perfect society.
Do you always listen to what they say?
Do you always listen to what they say?

I Got This

I got this feeling, building deep up inside
From the break of dawn until the end of the night
Fueled like a fire with an endless flame
Moving all the pieces just like pawns in the game
Ink stains the page to make a name for myself
For here, now, ever after music all else
And wealth is built, deep inside within
From the moment your born till the moment it happened
So find the crystal ball, correct and see thefuture
As the pain washes away and starts again right here
So clear your mind of all and just ride that feeling
As the rhythm opens the doors and starts revealing
Percussion, bass and rhythm...straight to the soul
As emotions override and take complete control
As it brings you back to certain places or points
Like times of pain or like times of joy


Money is the root to power and greed
Taking abundance, more than we need
Overtaking the best beliefs, loss of ideal to succeed
Hard times with money lead to fights
It's happiness that you try to buy
Wasted money concealed by lies
The environment you compromise
Broken to scale, shrunk to size
To slight the view of opinions eye
Start marketing this for mass produced
The point of view of a child is used
To suck all the pennies so profits high
Undercut price so competitor dies
Wages down as inflation rise
A loss of a friendship from corporate ties
Money got the power to cut to size
Ups and downs going for the ride
Breaking apart the best of friends
The roots of evil, demise, the end
Controlling information through transferred funds
World's for sale, private donations
Sealed with a handshake, pockets lined
So follow the trails of the money line


Powers controlled in the number of three's
The media's told us what they want us to see
The news is just a money machine
Empowering stories are wiped clean
To dumb us down and be mind rinsed
Not stand up and have treason lynched
For treacherous acts against our nation
Laws are passed, houses raided
Hidden from classified information
Laundering tax money pays for it
Passing acts like patriot
Our freedom they're slowly taking it
Controlling minds through media and fear
Start tracking minds through sports and liquor
Trying to find the laws they passed
Hidden agenda's slipped through cracks
Hidden in bills between the lines
Natural resources slowly refined
Against humanity horrendous crimes
Between it all you must find the time
To change the future for our children's sake
Present laws and correct mistakes
Make figures that normally escape.....
Accountable for the actions they make

Times are Tough

Can't see through the bullshit, darkness, confusion and angst
Don't know what were fighting or what were up against
Raindrops pitter patter to the beat of the drum
Another man is dying at the sound of guns
Keep feeding you the bullshit as to let you think you've won
Thought you made it to the top but now you're overcome
Nine months of conception now you're spit out of the womb
You don't have all the answers so why do you assume
Death and destruction, were running out of time
Disaster takes everything, what's once yours is now mine
Enemies are friends like a stab in the back
It's all smoke and mirrors in the end so don't look back
You're the one in charge yes the leader in the pack
It's all bullshit in the end so take it up the ass
The rise and fall of companies, tyranny and hate
My dream to rule the whole world like Alexander the Great
The world's in the palm of my hands but it slipped through my fingers
Everything's washed away still evil intention lingers
Give me anything, anything to numb this pain
Repress these thoughts I think I am going insane


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