Working Man

aden kendroemen By aden kendroemen, 13th Nov 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Each day is a war waged against the mundane. Each moment a chance, to renew and open the mind
to change.

Fearful Future, Poisoned Past

He clutches the door, a hated thing. Beyond, malevolence coiled to spring.
Cold sweat traced on fevered brow, shoulders bent in tortured frame.
Shadows skirt through wearied mind, terrors outside, trouble behind.

Communal Concealment

To step out, a world of steel and stone, within cold breast, twisted mass of rusted bone.
Hemmed at all sides, yet always alone.

Self Silenced Song

Heart song, once so sweet , incoherent mumblings.
Tumbled from nerveless lips, fall to drift at restless feet.

Debt of Distraction

Love's name in bitter exchange forgotten, long bereft, left unsaid. Discarded, devalued, the ink is red.

Monotonous Madness

Why hope? Why dream? A pathetic puppet of forces unseen.
To live in the shadow of indifferent regard, to strive in vain, toil in pain.
To trudge the rutted path, that is always the same.

Vivacious Valor

Courage above mortal word to express, tenacities hand to warm the chill of unrest.
In spite of, in the light of veracity’s best.
Each day a battle, every moment a test.

Audacious Affirmation

Choice being made in blink of watered eye. Door flung wide, to purposeful stride.
A laugh in the face of the terrors outside


Action, Beater, Better, Bitter, Careless, Caring, Chance, Change, Courage, Courageous, Different, Hope, Hopeful, Hopefully, Inaction, Much, Muchness, New, Renewal, Renewing, Same, Work

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author avatar aden kendroemen
I'm an observer, that's what I do. I've spent forty some odd years on this planet, filling my head up with what I used to think was useless information. Now Its time to let it all out.

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author avatar James R. Coffey
14th Nov 2010 (#)

Just plain beautiful! Gonna file this one away!

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author avatar aden kendroemen
14th Nov 2010 (#)

Ahhh James, Really! Thanks buddy.

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author avatar Denise O
20th Nov 2010 (#)

Loved it aden. You're really on a roll. I have always loved your work.
I have to say your work is only getting better, each time you put your fingers to your keyboard.
Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar aden kendroemen
20th Nov 2010 (#)

Thank you Denise, you have much, muchness.

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