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The jobs have dried up, the streams of apprenticeship is no longer available, we are worlds apart, the national minimum wage rarely has the ability to meet the needs of individual households

present time

Years ago after the industrial revolution, factories of every description was set up in almost every town and cities, apprenticeship was available, labouring jobs was in abundance, yesteryears houses was cheap some could be acquired for as little as £300 and even lower.
Now we are living in a more modern world, completely different from the days of our childhood, and far away from the apprentice climate of yesterday, we are worlds apart in identifying the newest concept in technology, the user manuals can be a nightmare for our elderly citizens.

You could walk out of one job and go straight into the next , sometimes the same very day, a CV was unheard of, computers was none existence, most things was done with a pen and a clip board, mobile phones was nowhere to be seen, sky TV was just a satellite in space.
Cars was in smaller numbers, hardly anyone on your street had a car, leaving plenty of room for pedestrian, you were fortunate if anyone owned 2 cars on the street, simple things were taken for granted.

Like the smell of fish and chips on a Friday afternoon, the bustle for bargains in the market place on Saturday morning, fish market and meat market was full of good size pieces, our clothes was the neatly press for Sunday service with hats and fitting coats. Offerings and Sunday school golden text.
Now decades later we have the new technology, mobile phones in abundance, designer suits, sky TV and a unique network of transport system with camera and data base facilities, the number of cars have increase drastically upon the road, till we are grid lock, trucks, vans and buses make up an easier way to travel from one city to another, despatching goods and merchandises.

On the down side, the steal and textile factories have closed down, the car plants have sold out, ship yards have closed, the army is reduce and coal mining has become a dissipating commodity. House prices have rocketed, since the middle 80s prices have been on the increases, they have gone so far out of reach of the ordinary person, that the deposit now required, was what you could have bought half a dozen houses with.

The jobs have dried up, the streams of apprenticeship is no longer available, we are worlds apart, the national minimum wage rarely has the ability to meet the needs of individual households, where as in the seventies, money in hand went a longer way in providing home comforts , although expectations was limited , opportunity was in vast commodity.

Today, in our present time; the economy has reduced the standard of living to survival mode, university education is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. We are worlds apart and heading for destruction, although the government paints a pretty picture, the reality cannot be seen.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
4th Feb 2014 (#)

We all may view the past through different lenses Jerry , but the truth is , time moves on and we have to move with it and make the best of it as we can .
have a blessed day today
Stella >I<

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
4th Feb 2014 (#)

oops sorry ...I meant Gerry ...

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