Would you like to be a pilot?

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Father is so stoked now that his flying craft is nearing completion, that he is inspired anew to fly all over.

So he asked me last night that this morning at eight-o-clock, him and I fly to Parsima to have breakfast there.

Would you like to be a pilot?

This morning I awake at seven. I'll just have a quick surf on the internet in my office, then go shower and get dressed for our flight.

I get onto the internet. BAM BAM BAM!!!!! Father and Mother knock at my door.

I look at the clock. It's eight o clock. Oh crap. Time really flies asif it's nothing when one goes online. I'm late now.

I open the door and tell them I'll be ready in a flash. Father is of course angry. Nobody should mess with his planning and timing and organization.

Anyway, a little later I'm ready and catch a ride with Father to Tower Hills airport, Father having come back to come get something quickly.

With the help of Osborn, we fill up the plane. This is still one of the old planes, not the newly built craft Father has just about finished.

We fly through the sky. It's beautiful, and the flight so still and stable that I almost fall asleep. Only as expected, when we get over crater country, we catch some air streams.

Millions of years ago, a huuuuuuuuge meteor or planet or something hit the earth here with such force, it went right into the earth and became part of it.

The impact waves of course formed huge permanent ripples of mountainous size in the earth's surface, and whenever you fly over these the uneven air streams shake the plane around.

We have our breakfast at Parsima airport. Of course as usual there are a lot of interesting flying vehicles standing around, and Father gets deep into conversations with their owners who are having breakfast.

I'm glad he finds some conversation because usually him and I don't have anything to say to one another. Not that we're angry or have issues or anything. We just really don't have anything we can talk about. No shared interests.

So, while we're sitting down and having our breakfast, he probably tries to forge some common interest for the long run by asking me:

"How would you like to fly?"

"As a pilot you mean?", I ask.

"Yes. You have everything at your disposal, and with the Jerney (the small plane we came in) you can practise flying virtually inexpensively."

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... me become a pilot? I have actually thought about it when I was like 17, 18 years old and was still hooked on Robotech and stuch television programs in which flying around in aircraft and jets and so on was common.

These days I don't have much if any interest in taking on anything new.

"Allright, I'll put it on my imaginary desk", I reply.

My imaginary desk is where I put all the random ideas that people suddenly present to me, so that I can rethink these ideas later and decide if I'd like to do something about them.

I came up with the "imaginary desk" thing mainly because Mother always shoots these new random ideas at me in quick succession. Like why don't I this, and why don't I do that, and why don't I learn to this, and why don't I do for a career that, etc......

So, instead of just jumping into each and everything, which is of course not practical, I just say I'll put it on my imaginary desk for consideration later.

So... now I'm considering it. Is it a good thing to be a qualified pilot? Maybe it's a good skill to have. Then I can travel around wherever I want to go, not by the boring old car or whatever, but by a zooming flying craft that can get me there whilst entertaining me with a beautiful aerial view of planet earth.

I still can't decide. Will rethink it later. ‎

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