Write 30 articles in a Single Day

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Many writers are writing as many articles as they can in a single day to make a living for them selves.Read to know how..

Write 30 articles a Day

I know this sounds crazy but i am really curious to know if there is any writer who can achieve this feat not a single day but everyday.

Writing that many articles everyday is a sure compromise with the quality and it will show that the writer is focusing more in the quantity rather than the quality of the articles.Being a writer himself i know that you can not write that many quality articles per day(unless you are super human!).

Is it possible for a common people?Yes! why not...

First,if you want to write 30 article everyday,you need to start from early morning and if you have good typing skills than you can easily write 30 articles before evening.

Another thing need to be considered is the topic of your articles.You need to decide which topic you gonna write next day.If you do not decide it today,than you can not write those next day.It is really important part especially when you are writing that many articles.

You also have to do lot of research about what people are looking to read.The best place to find this is the Google Hot Trends.There you will find the current hot topics that people are searching online.

Writing is not easy as it requires a lot of effort and commitment.That's why it is important that while you are writing you completely disconnect yourself with the outer world.This will help you to concentrate in writing.

So,before starting writing you should get rid off all the things that you think can cause disturbance while writing like facebook notifications,twitter updates or even your household members.

It will be much better if you can write a place where there is none accept you.You can create an environment like darkroom.Believe me,this helps you immensely to concentrate on your writing.

So,brace yourself and start doing this things from today so can start writing from the next day.

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author avatar Zach3000
2nd Feb 2012 (#)

Would the quality of all 30 articles be worth the quality of a few articles done well?

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
8th Feb 2012 (#)

I do not believe that you can write 30 quality articles in a single day, let along continue to do it day after day. Quality articles need research and you do not have time to do this if you write so many in the day.

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author avatar constance
16th Mar 2012 (#)

That's a lot of writing and a person would have to start early in the morning with no disturbance.

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author avatar Tomakerelmoneyonline.net
23rd Jan 2013 (#)

I am writing 2 articles a day if I am in my best cases. I wish I could write these 30 articles.

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