Write Where You Are

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This piece is a whimsical take on every writer's occasional dilemma - writer's block - and a suggestion for the way out.

Write where you are

Right where you are

Where am I?

I edit too damn much in my head
That’s for sure

I want to write something
Elegant and lyrical
Something that will speak to others the way that
Bronte, Blake and Oliver have spoken to me

So I light a candle
And say my prayers to the muses of WORD

Imagining myself as Lillian Hellmann
I sit with a tumbler of scotch
A pen posing as cigarette hanging from my mouth

I write a new story, my fingers tap tapping over the keyboard
Inspiration flowing like manna from heaven

I take a drag from my pen cigarette as I read what I’ve written
Cursing, I hit the delete button

At least if I was Lillian I could be dramatic
Ripping the page from my typewriter
I would crunch it into a ball and hurl it to the floor
“Dashell”, I would cry. “I’m so undone.”

Instead I am left sitting in front of my computer
With a glass of flat gingerale
And a chewed up pen

I stare at the blank page
And rub my wrists
The beginnings of carpal tunnel flaring

I bite my nails, tidy my desk and wait

Wait for inspiration




Right where you are


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author avatar Elspeth Glenn
Elspeth Glenn is a writer, storyteller, arts educator & presentation skills coach. Her work has been published in 'The Lorelei Signal', 'Vitality' magazine, 'So to Speak' and in various anothologies.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Apr 2015 (#)

Inspiration on call anywhere, anytime, but for few! siva

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