Writer's Liberation

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Having a writing carer is more then just writing and people just learning about writing are completely amazed at what is there is to do, and the options that are open to them when the do their research.

Writer's Liberation

When the writing bug hit me, I was in the 6th grade. At that time I loved to write mystery stories. I made up my own characters and I even had a plot. I filled notebook after notebook with my mystery stories.I wanted to send all of my stories into a publishing company and become rich and famous. What did a 12 year old girl know about the publishing business? I knew nothing about the publishing business and was not encouraged to learn anything about the publishing business at that time.
Those mystery stories are all gone now and for many years I thought my writing career was gone too. After years had passed by I started to write again. I was not interested in writing mystery stories, but I was interested in writing children stories, fairy tales and poetry.
I did send in my first story to a publishing company who was interested in publishing my book. I had to come up with a considerable amount of money, but my book was out on the market for two years, but did not sale very well at all.
I noticed the publishing company wanted me to pay them, but I did all the work. I paid for advertising, illustrations, editing and many other numerous items. I had an agent that did nothing for me, but expected to get paid. I fired her since I was already doing her job anyway.
I decided to do some research into the publishing world and have found out that every writer needs to take things with a grain of salt. Before publishing with any publishing company do your research. Read the reviews of what has happened with other writers and take their warnings.
As writers we are putting our heart and soul into what we write. I understand that publishing companies are overwhelmed with stories, but each publishing company should have certain guidelines about what they will or will not accept. A good legal publishing company will have a writer send a query letter to them giving a synopsis of the story that has been written.
When we look for work we choose jobs that are catered to our abilities. It is the same with writing. When you send in a query letter make sure the publishing company takes the type of stories that you write. Find out if the publishing company takes solicited or unsolicited works. Find out if you need an agent and do not sign any contact until it has been read over by a legal writing representative.
There are many publishing companies out there who will publish anything and everything. Many will not do what you want to have done for your writings, but will charge you a large amount. Before publishing your book find out if it is you as the writer who is taking the financial and emotional risk, or if it is the publishing company.
There are many publishing companies out there and you want the best one that is going to pay you and not the other way around. The publishing world has tuned up-side-down and as writers we need to take back our writing power and get out of the publishing web and bring out the publishing companies who are doing a good job, but are drowning among the publishing companies who give false promises to writers like you and I.


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I write children's stories. Have one book published, Working on another children's book. It is a series.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice post!

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author avatar Ellen
29th Jan 2014 (#)

Thank you

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
29th Jan 2014 (#)

Good morning, Ellen; thank you for the reminder of all that we need to do to insure that we have a good fit with a publisher. ~Marilyn

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author avatar Ellen
30th Jan 2014 (#)

I learned that the hard way when I went with a publishing company for my first children's book who did nothing for me, but could ask for money from me and I ended up doing the work. Now I am looking for a different company and am being very picky about who I finally choose.

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