Writing: My passion, my hobby, my life

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Basically just how I feel about writing. How lucky I am to appreciate such passion and skill. Just how much I love writing.

Writing: My passion, my hobby, my life

Do you enjoy writing? Do you find the 'essay' part being the easiest part of the exam? Do you dream of writing a novel of your own? Do you write just because you feel bored and you wanted to take a break? Do you think you can write for a living?

To all the questions above, my answers are all YES.

I love writing as much as I love reading books. I enjoy writing pages and pages of articles and I love writing book reviews. I love blogging, writing whatever comes into my mind and sharing it to my friends, family members and followers.

Writing is not enjoyed by a lot of people I know. A lot of my friends wish that the 'essay' part of the exam would be taken off because they hate writing 8 - 10 sentences, they are not in the mood to write anything at the moment, they do not know what to say or simply, they just hate writing.

In my case, every time there's a need for writing, I jump for joy and I immediately start writing whatever comes into my mind or whatever the topic is all about as long as I'm interested in it. When I like a said topic, I always know what to write. It's like, my brain is automatically generating the words, sentences and phrases, processing it to be one whole article/essay/entry and then voila! My writing is all done.

And so, I dream of writing my own novel and have it published and share it to the whole world but of course, not now, because I am busy with college works and I have not got any stories in my mind right now, well, not publish worthy stories. But I hope to write a novel good enough for the public, just like J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. I wish to be criticized and praised and pulled down and whatever a successful writer is experiencing in everyday of his/her life.

And yes, I do write when I am stressed with school, with my friends, with my family, when I feel down and alone (yes, I do, sometimes, feel alone and I have no idea why). I write when I am happy and when I feel thankful. I write when I am bored and when I have nothing to do. To put it all in a simple, fine description: I write everything, be it in a piece of paper, in my blog, in my notebook, whatever.

In my honest observation, with my family and friends, not all people enjoy writing. In fact, only a few does and only a few blogs, articles, writings are worth reading. Most of the people I know doesn't appreciate writing and sharing via blogs. Most people hate writing 10 or more sentences, what more a whole paragraph? What more a whole novel? What more a series of novels? Writing is a passion, a hobby, a talent that not everyone is enthusiastic about.

Basically, all I can say is, the people who enjoy, love and is passionate with writing, are lucky that they are creative enough to form an essay, smart enough to write anything and are fortunate enough to appreciate any written samples, books, biographies and articles. I, for one, am thankful for I have found my passion, my hobby and my life.


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