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Writing is a wonderful outlet for stress, joy and so much more. When you have a decision to make, simply writing your heart on paper can assist you in making the best decision possible. Writing is like therapy!

Writing For The Sake Of Writing

Writing is what I love more than any other activity I can think of. Writing affords me the freedom to say what I really think and feel even when no one else wants to listen. When I write I can be whomever I choose and that is o.k. When I write I can be anywhere in the world I please and participate in whatever function I choose with no feedback from spectators. I am completely free to be me when I write and I love that.
When I was a child, the one thing I heard often from the lips of adults was that "children should be seen and not heard"; unfortunately that stifled me and even crippled me as a youngster. I learned to live in a world of silence trying to do the right thing. I had so much to say however and it was a very painful existence for me.

When I was in the sixth grade I had an English teacher that taught me a little about poetry and the freedom it brings when you read or write it. I found my voice there; I found the outlet I had longed for all my life. Poetry writing was that place where I could say what was on my mind and not get in trouble for speaking out loud about it. I could be as opinionated as I wanted and it was o.k. I found that my paper and pen were the best friends I could ever have. They allowed me to hear what I had to say and get to know a side of me I had no idea was there; a side of me that cried out for recognition.

My pen is my therapist
I must share with it everyday
My pen is my therapist
Who hears what I have to say
No one else cares
Or even understands
But my pen
This is my therapist
Does it understand?
My pen will listen for hours
For weeks
For days
For months
My pen witnesses my fears
My pain
My emotions
My tears
My pen tolerates my ills
My weaknesses
My woes
My pen helps keep me sharp
Often standing me to my toes
I thank GOD for my pen
For all its cousins too
‘Cause when my pen dries out
Its cousins know what to do
The best therapist I ever had is my pen

Of course all my writings are not about me, I would like to think that I am not that self focused. Sometimes the desire to write hits with no apparent subject in mind, I just need to write something, anything, a grocery list, a blow by blow of the day, a phone conversation or a lecture, anything! When that happens I find myself writing random words on paper and later using some of those words for a subject to write about at a later time.

Just write!

What will I write about?
It is an attack
I know
How do I break free?
The Attack
I know it is done
Simply by writing
Even when I haven't a clue what to write
I simply must write
Whatever comes to mind?
Whatever doesn't come to mind?
That is how I will overcome
This enemy
There simply is no other way
Just write
Then Write
Then write
Then write again and again and again

I write until I am satisfied, as if it were a drug or food addiction. Writing satisfies my soul. Writing brings a wave of peace and calm when none other can be found. Writing stirs my emotions and calms them down as well. Writing is one of the best friends I have found on the planet we call earth. Writing and I go together regularly. Now don't get me wrong there are times when I need a break from writing or writing needs a break from me but we never stray away too long we need each other too much for that. I do believe we will stick together for the rest of my life. Writing will outlive me and become the best friend of someone else when I am gone. This I know and I am glad to share my writing with someone who needs it. There is plenty to go around.
If you are anything at all like me and find yourself in need of expression, try writing. It is one of the best ways I have found yet to be heard. From one to thousands, writing connects you with many audiences. It is a great stress reliever, time consumer and listening ear. Writing is a peacemaker, a thought provoker as well as an educator. Writing solves many problems and creates many situations. Be mindful when you write what you write and for who you write, because writing will never fail to reveal your true heart and identity. Writing is an awesome tool to use to leverage you in this trying life time. Writing will leave for you a legacy like nothing else could ever do. Try it sometimes!


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Hello! My name is Paula (Brower) Megginson, I am a 55 year old mother of 3 (adults), and a writer and lover of poetry. I am a Christian and ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Nov 2013 (#)

Truly inspirational, Paula, real passion. Once into writing we get overcome with the urge to share and technology makes it easy for us to get across the entire planet in a jiffy - siva

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author avatar Paula Megginson
1st Nov 2013 (#)

Thank you! I agree! This is a great outlet and I am glad I found it!

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author avatar Paula Megginson
1st Nov 2013 (#)

Thank you! I agree! This is a great outlet and I am glad I found it!

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author avatar iidob
5th Nov 2013 (#)

Well written and really decorative

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author avatar Johnny Knox
2nd Dec 2013 (#)

Very interesting post!!

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author avatar Paula Megginson
4th Sep 2015 (#)

Thank you Jonny Knox

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