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It talks about how online writing has become a new form of journalism. It has become the main source of livelihood for some people and the advice that are meted out to freelancers to enable them make enough money online.

Writing On Online Sites

Online writing is one thing that has taken toll in the world. Many people call it the new way to journalism. Is very easy and simple and easy when you are on a site that pays really well, like Experts Column and other writing sites. Personally I think you should not be so engrossed in writing articles or posting columns on the internet mainly for money or items of monetary value. Personally, I think you should take it as you are just kind of having fun, You post the articles freely and write about anything, not necessarily writing about things that will make you rich over night. I remember that I opened my contents and I saw someone read an article I posted about eight months ago. This is life and circumstances are bound to occur. Take it as gaining exposure, for all you know someone might see your efforts and would offer you a helping hand.

I remember someone read my articles and offered me a small project that was very nice. When I finished the project I earned $30. This was not earned or worn overnight, it was through hardwork, dedication and determination. You must plan each and every article or column before you put them through to the internet. You can take some advice from the 6p's, which says Proper Planning Programme Prevents Poor Performance. If it's properly planned you put it through the internet database and you really feel proud of yourself.

One thing that I saw on a writing site was when someone asked me to read his columns and he too would do same for me, each and every day. I felt very bad because I wondered to myself, Doesn't he put across good content thatb generate enough viewership. The internet is a place where sharp people are needed. You don't need to write articles and columns that are boring right from the word go. Imagine searching for an information on google, what do you do? You search through the articles and select the one that gives the right information that you are inneed of. Never say never to never, Do what you know best. Sometimes I think one of the things that really do hamper the growth of upcoming writers like myself is opening someone's profile and seeing 1,005 posts compared to yours which is around 25. You should undertand that it was not made overnight. It took that person, that writer more days to actually complete such a task. Is not an easy thing finding topics to write for people to read.

One of the things that hinder the progress is discouragement from peers and members of social affiliations alike. People see posting articles and columns on the internet and they tell you is a waste of time. In life each and every individual has strength and weaknesses, who knows maybe writing would be the stepping stone that would launch you into superstardom. People will discourage you, especially if you are from where I come from. Most of our countries are not even in the list of countries with paypal services, but still we are aspiring so much to become whoever we want to become in life. Although people discouraged us from the beginning, How are you going to get the money, Oh is a fraud, with time I learnt that is not true, maybe they are afraid of you expanding your network on the internet and becoming more successful than them. You must aspire to inspire before you expire. Just live for the moment at the right times, don't do anything that takes away the glory from you. Post freely and avoid checking your earnings daily. With time you will see changes that will transform your profile earnings tremendously.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st Dec 2012 (#)

Though we need money to survive, kind words of appreciation will also go a long way to make our day. Thanks for the uplifting article - siva

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author avatar Ralph
31st Dec 2012 (#)

You are welcome, Siva, is an honour writing articles for you Guys, glad you loved it. Thank you very much

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