Writing Prompt: Murder at the Museum After Hours

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I was on a job for my first day as an investigative reporter and hid inside the museum to search the local museum for clues to the murder of museum employee.....

Chapter 1

You hide in the museum bathrooms until the building is closed and everyone is gone. What is the first thing you do? Do you touch everything you possibly can or go exploring in the back rooms? Don’t forget to watch out for security guards!

Chapter 1

This morning would be busy as I had to go to the local museum to interview the curator on the murder of an employee. But either the curator didn’t have any idea about the murder or he was hiding something from me. The detective in me decided on the latter and knew I’d have to do something drastic to get the story I wanted.

That’s when I decided to hide in the bathroom until the museum closed. I had to wait a half an hour for the curator to close up before I could do any investigating, so I pulled out my tablet and jotted some notes on the process would take once I was free to roam around.

I heard the curator say to the security guard that he was leaving. Somehow, I would have to work around the security guard so he wouldn’t see me lurking around. I waited another 10 minutes before heading out of the bathroom to let the guard leave the premises.

I cautiously walked out to see if the coast was clear and seeing no one around, I went on my way investigating the museum.

The front room held no clues into the murder, so I ventured to the back rooms and what found was astounding…a secret room that led to an underground path. I followed the path for about 30 minutes until I came upon another secret room.

This room was some sort of ceremonial chamber. Looking around the room I discovered it was the room to a local chapter of the gentlemen’s club. But what were they doing?

Looking around, it appeared they were a cult…then, I saw her…a man locked in a cage. I quickly unlocked the cage only to find he was dead. First a murder of an employee; now a man inside a cage…dead! What was going on here?!

I intended to find out….one way or another!


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