Writing Prompt: The Dog REALLY Did Eat My Homework?!

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What if the dog REALLY did eat the homework?! The same lame excuse that is used everytime.........

Writing Prompt: The Dog REALLY Did Eat My Homework?!

Writing Prompts: Excuses -- "My dog ate my homework."

I woke up this morning, thinking it was going to be a good day at school…when I went to get my homework…that I worked tirelessly to finish before the deadline…only to discover…to my horror…that my dog, Shadow, ate it!
Now, I know what you’re thinking? The likely excuse…I know…it’s been made many times! But it’s actually true…I saw Shadow laying in the corner of my bedroom chewing on the paper.

Shadow came up to me to say good morning, but I just glared at him. But I couldn’t be mad at him. After all, it wasn’t his fault! Just hope my teacher, Mr. Lendon, would believe me? Yeah, right! Good luck with that one?!

After giving Shadow a rub on his belly—he really loved it—I packed my backpack with my non-existent homework—and went downstairs to join my parents and little sister for breakfast. My mother insisted every morning that we sit down as a family for the first meal of the day—no ifs, ands, or buts!

After breakfast, my father told my sister and I to get our things so he drop us off at school before he headed for work. My mother stayed home and took care of the house or did her writing—my mother was a best-selling romance author.

Anyway, after my dropped me off at my high school, I dreaded going to class, knowing I didn’t have my homework. What excuse would I give? I couldn’t tell the truth? Even though it was the truth?

Heading to my locker to put my backpack in there, I grabbed my English books and notebook, pens and pencils, and headed to class. Upon arriving at my classroom, I found that there was a sign on the door and the janitor busy mopping. I asked what happened, and he told me there was a water main break and that class was canceled for the day.

To my relief, I was glad! I had another day to write the paper! I didn’t have to tell the teacher why I didn’t have my homework! What luck?!


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