Writing Prompt: The Party

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A shy senior is excited about being invited to a hot new party by the hottest guy in school...but what happens when it all goes wrong in a cruel prank....


You wake up the day after an epic party. You're not where you expected to be.


Sally Christensen is a shy senior who is ecstatic about being invited to a fabulous party by the hottest guy in school. But when things break out at the house where the party is happening, Det. Xander Green arrives with his partner and finds Sally is found lying in a pool of blood…….

Chapter 1

The green house on Shore Dr. was a shambles when police arrived after getting a noisy disturbance call. Glasses strewn all over the floor and students lying on the floor after what appeared to be drugged-out trip.
But one officer, Det. Alexander “Xander” Green went off on his own to inspect the backyard when he found one female student lying on her back in a pool of blood. Assuming the girl was murdered, Xander went to check on the girl, who suddenly woke upon his arrival.
“Who are you?” the girl asked, scared.
“You’re alive?” Xander asked confused.
“You thought I was dead?”
“Well, you are lying in a pool of blood?”
“Yeah, well, as you can see, it’s not mine.”
“Okay, so who’s is it?”
The girl was too scared to tell him what happened. It was still a blur to Sally Christensen, a shy senior, who was invited to the party by the hottest hunk in school, Wyatt Tremain.
“Look, it’s okay.” Xander told her. “You can tell me.”
Sally just sat there, shaking as she realized where she was. She thought she was inside the house when the party got rowdy. She was no sure how she got outside and where the blood came from or why she was lying in it.
“I don’t know how I got here or why I’m lying in this blood!” Sally cried as Xander comforted her.
Xander’s partner Det. Robin Pearson, came out to the patio to find Xander with Sally.
“Well, what do we have here?”
“Well, we have a young girl who was found lying in a pool of blood and doesn’t remember being out here or how she came to be lying in it.” Xander reported to his partner.
“Well, go inside and get yourself cleaned up and we’ll investigate the scene.”
“You found her in a pool of blood that wasn’t hers…it came from somewhere.” Robin told him. “Where did it come from and where’s the body?”
“You do have a point.” Xander agreed.


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