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Many people have become writers after enjoying what they are doing. Without having passion towards anything, it is difficult to achieve great heights in that for anyone.

Passion For Writing

There are many writers in this world who have also stopped writing because of various life circumstances. When there is no time, time has to be created for your passion and only then you can achieve something in that field. I was very passionate about writing since long time, but was not getting enough time for that as i was employed somewhere. But later on, i started writing even during office hours creating time for myself,. I was just enjoying writing as i used to feel very much relaxed by writing for fun. I still have those old books when i started writing and it's nice to see those collection of write ups. To become a writer, you have to be a reader first. Unless you love to read, it's difficult to practice writing habits. So whenever you get time, try to read anything you love to read. Try to read slowly as it will definitely help you to gain control over reading. Read for fun and enjoy reading.

Collect Old Interesting Books

If you love reading, make it a habit of collecting old interesting books so that you do read those books once in a while. As the saying goes, old is gold and never throw away old books as the value of these old books will be known only later on. I have a huge collection of my favorite old books which was collected right from my school day's. These books are my real treasure as i love this collection very much. There are some books which are gifted for me and other books were also borrowed from my friends. Some of my close friends are also having this habit of collecting old books of their liking. There are many book shops selling old interesting books for reduced rate and if you find any books interesting there, you can buy those books. Knowledge gained by reading books will not go anywhere and the one who keeps reading will always remain young for ever. So keep the habit of reading and writing going. Actually one of my friends who was very much addicted to playing all the time also got into the habit of reading books now by being with me.

Become a Writer

Internet is providing many opportunities for people all over the world and writers are also provided enough platform or space in the internet world for showing their talent tot he world. This has also helped many upcoming writers to make their mark as a writer. Though there are any writers who are not up to the standard here, they can always improve by writing more and more. Some people have all the talent in the world and find it easy to write on any subject, while others have to struggle hard to achieve fame here. B writing more and more, one can get enough practice to improve on writing skills in this internet world. So, now many writers have succeeded in bringing their name right up in the great writers list. So, even if you don't have talent of writing, bring up the passion in writing which will definitely help you to become a good writer. Don't worry about other factors which you think will effect your writing as when you are confident and hardworking, these external factors can just be neglected. Keep up the passion in writing and you will make your mark here for sure.
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11th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your experience(s) as a writer. Keep writing and observe the works of other writers and most of all be confident in your ability to create.

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12th Mar 2015 (#)

Unless we enjoy writing, we cannot progres

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