Writing letters or sending mails? Answer is obvious for most of us!

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Did you ever consider writing letters? At least to your loved ones? Or do you believe mail does the job for you no matter who you are dealing with i did and i tried sending letters; an experience i will never forget!

Do you prefer using internet or are you like me?

Funny thing is that since my childhood i never enjoyed reading news online or reading books online. İ like to feel whatever i am reading and as time passed i started believing that this is a matter of personality. My grandfather, at the age of 75, reads the news online and doesen't even bother to take a look at the newspaper. He is a lawyer and has an endless interest in politics so he always keeps him self update. Being younger than him i actually am the one who is supposed to be the internet freak but no i'm 'old-headed' when it comes to reading. İf this was a matter of generation we would be doing the opposite things now. İ do use internet so often but i just don't find it touching at all to read nice things here especially if they are written to me...

Am not planning to give up on writing letters!

Thoughts came rushing to my mind, as i was reading 'Message in a bottle' by Nicholas Sparks, as to why we really don't send letters? The book is exceedingly touching being about a man who sends messages in bottles and leaves them to ocean for his valentine he has lost forever and they aren't ancient letters, they are letters written up to date. İ do send letters but not in bottles just simply sending by postman but people whom i send don't seem to be enjoying it when there is internet and mailing. İ guess people like me all around the world are getting lesser and lesser. Since my childhood i have been reading lots of novels, both classic and todays, and have been amazed, as if it's magic, by how they keep up the communication by sending letters. İ wanted to feel what they did; waiting in an excited way for it to come not knowing when, to know that the sender touched the paper just like you did and seeing his/her own hand writing on it!

We need to face the truth and possibilities in life!

You might be thinking that with the rush of our day how do i think that letters will be able to catch up and let me answer that you are 100% right. Let us be realistic since we are not living in a dream world where only our relatives and lovers exist. Even if so there are moments that time is the priority and an incident can tend to be urgent. Letters take time to send and receive and we often don't have the time. You must have a mail account and must mail most people since you can't force them to send letters. İ do know that it is crazy to send letters even when time matters a lot but that's not what i am trying to say when i point out that we must write more letters. Here are some both funny and nice experiences i had over time;

Funny but never to be forgotten..

İ wrote my first letter to a friend in İndia when i was around 10. We had been friends for 3 years when she left for her country. The excitement i had on waiting for the answer is hard to explain. Anxiety, excitement and happiness rushing all over at the same time. İ had also sent some little gifts among with it. The day the letter was replied i was jumping up and down because of happiness. We kept sending letters to each other until she moved and forgot to send me her new address and it was somehow over but i still can't forget the fun i had.
Another is with my cousin; she lives around an hour of walking time from my place and we keep sending each other letters even though we see each other often. We write more special and 'secret sharing' stuff with her that causes much more fun! She is much younger than me and sending letters not only increases our imagination but also helps us to enhance our writing skills in english and we don't talk about letters when we are together; what's written in letters remain there that causes it to be more mystic. İ have many more memories but since they are similar i don't want to be boring and write down all..

Life goes on fast, just a glimpse at history will do good..

So here is the question to people who both love and think sending letters doesen't make sense: Can you keep a mail as a memory forever? Can you feel a mail in your hands? Does a mail cause you to imagine how or when that person wrote it down with which feelings? Answers are all up to you and i do respect each and every one of them; let's just teach our little ones that letters can't be replaced and are precious. İ also recommend watching the movie 'letters to Juliet'. Wishing you a beautiful life...


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