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Early in child years through my youth to my adult years I have discovered that I have had learn life lessons the hard way. Story shares a brief experiences of what I have had learned through the years of my life. Sad times as well as my ups and down, hardship and grief moments of my life. One experience I have learned in life that nothing is ever free or handed down to you on a silver platter.

Time is short

Ever found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well I have a few time. A few years ago I received a startling message from one of my children. A text message that no mother would want to receive that their Adult child is in danger.

Text Message: "Mom, the fighting is getting worse, way out of hand. I am afraid he is gone to kill Aden and I. After receiving the message and reading the text a few times, I felt that my heart dropped down to my feet. Now I didn't know if the text message was true or not. One Adult child happens to get herself a lot into bad situation and whenever I have tried to help her in the past with her other relationships she got involved with she has told me on multiple occasions to mine my own business. On some of these occasions it turned out to be nothing and she was making a mountain out of mole hill another words to put it in another way, she stretch the truth a lot. She has told us many, many lies that she has told us and were caught in the lies. So before I panic and got myself stressed out over nothing I called her cell phone number back and my granddaughter answered the phone. Granddaughter is seventeen years old and lives with her live in boyfriend and her mother. I asked my granddaughter what was going in and her and her mom was okay and are they safe. She had no clue what I was talking about.

So I called some of her neighbors who happen be close by where my daughter lived and I knew they were friends of daughters. It appeared that my adult daughter again was telling me another one of her stories. Just to be on the safe side anyways, husband and I sold everything in our home and our home to moved down in the state daughter and granddaughter resided. Down in the southern parts close to Savannah Georgia. Daughter and her live in boyfriend who she met online on a dating website called Plenty of Fish. Man she met was very controlling, disrespectful and lazy. It appeared the impression I got from his body language and how he spoke that it was another big baby that my daughter had to care for.

We moved to Georgia and it was the biggest mistake we ever made. It turned out in the small community we lived in sure did not like "Yankees" or black american people. I have never experienced a group of southern people in my life that I could remember for the life of me in how many of the few southerns I have met in a Southern Baptist church be so prestigious and racist of human beings. Never have been around people that had so much hatred for people of different origins. I hate to share that in heaven color or sizes, rich or poor, God loves a rich man just as much he loves a poor man and that goes for same for different colors of skin. They needed to get with the program, that is God's program.


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Well, I am who I am, I am who God created my character to be. I am true believer, a Christian and person who fought many life battles and a survivor.

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