Yolanda and Zoraida feels

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This is about my feeling over the two typhoons that passed our country and caused so much devastation.

Yolanda to Zoraida feels

Seeing my fellow countrymen on tv with all the crying and mourning breaks my heart. There has been about 1,700+ reported deaths and about 500+ reported missing. There also had been about 2,000 wounded.

After the storm, I thought there was little casualty reported because it was believed people have been informed and did evacuate. They have also been warned to experience storm surges. However, it turned out that the reports of a big number casualties were reported late because the power was down in the whole province, communication was hard. Also, the people weren't that much informed of the storm surge. They were aware that it could just go like about 6 meters away from shore but what really happened was that it was like the sea was eating the city. I don't know if you have seen such footages about it, but it was really horrible. Furthermore, the electricity is expected to be fixed in two more agonizing months.

People have been "looting" money and food from ATMs and malls. They "attack" the place in groups so that they would be easily tackled. You can't really blame them because you're just not you when you're hungry. lol but true. Some residents did want to have martial just to control the resources in their cities. Help is pouring steadily on these places but the obstacle yet to face is bringing all these resources to the affected victims. They usually don't reach the place because it is being attacked then again by the raging hungry stomachs. (This makes me remember of the movie Warm Bodies lol)

So, yah, I am trying to extend help by gathering old but still neat and legit clothes. Along with my medtrans buddies, we'll be pooling all our resources and bring it to our alma mater. There has been this some dynamic group that is responsible for shipping those. I hope they really get to bring them to those in dire need of these things. I also relate to this experience for once, a part of Iligan was washed away leaving about 2,000+ dead.

So there ya go. Please extend help to anyway you can. Be it small or big, it's great to really help. You hate that shirt? You have so much dress and cant decide on what to wear? Give some of the least choices to narrow the choices. lol. But hey, do help.


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