You Can't Launch Fireworks in the Rain

Blake C. Patria By Blake C. Patria, 16th Sep 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A little snack for those who dig the bars. Have you ever been 86'd? I'll bet you have, you being a strong American with conviction as well as a cast-iron liver . . .

The midget-troll coerced me up the stairs

"I was just dancing," I said.
"I know," says the little man-boy, "but this is Footloose, and the liquor commissioner is here."
This day is Independence Day, July the Fourth, and I've been ejected for dancing a charming Irish jig for the ladies. They hate it when you can dance for the ladies, but more so when you can do it, and look less like a fag. People of rhythm have been ejected from bars for centuries in America; the gingers, the blacks, the queers, and all things around and/or in between. The barroom screws are threatened by rhythm (as they should be, knowing you are going home with their old lady they never wanted to get serious with).

So, there I stand on Independence Day in the rain, waiting, my friends not privy to this, for them to exit because my passion and rhythm poses a threat. Not just out the door, mind you, I am meant to stand on the bricks a good fifty feet from the bar . . . the bar where I've spent a great portion of my adult life, where I have seen things that made me as they broke me. In the defense of that little cunt on a power trip, it is technically July 5th so he has not cast me into a Footloose drizzle on Independence Day.

I stand in the rain with my mind eroding in the wait, my cell-phone dying so I cannot even tell the time. I ask the crowd standing outside of the bar if they have seen my friends. They tell me my friends have left, but I suspect them of elitist bullshit. This is when one cunt asks me if I have ever suffered a broken jaw before. My response to this is complex and distorted in my head; one part of me wishes to address the threat with physical violence while another part wishes to be diplomatic. This translates into my actions as me pulling out a switchblade to illustrate how I envision my self-defense from broken jaws. It translates to the douche who threatened me as a threat upon him, so he grabs my arm, and proceeds to pound my face.

Understanding this reasonable reaction to having a switchblade opened on you, I insist my diplomacy with, "stop punching me, I'm not even stabbing you! I'm not doing anything, you fucking eunuck" or whatever stupid nonsense I actually said.

At some point I must have blacked out from the beating because my right shoulder has never been the same; it is an absolute bitch to sleep on, and even taking my shirt off can be a pain some times. I do not remember the portion of this beating that led to this lingering ailment, but I do remember some junkie-looking, rat-faced bastard stomping the blade off of my knife that matched my eyes, and who I referred to as "my new girlfriend".

I did go home with that little dick's old lady that night, but nothing happened. I was in so much pain from the beating, I thought my arm was either dislocated, or my collar-bone was broken, or some horseshit like that. It was the last night I spent with that wonderful woman, and I was banned from the bar for six months, but at least the bartender who told me was cool about it. A lot of them are. I'm a pretty swell guy to them . . . but when I was trying to sell some discs out there, the little rat bastard who broke my blade said "we aren't comfortable with you hanging around here" . . . calling him a "rat bastard" isn't really fair though--even if he looks like one--because he never squealed to the cops like one or two others might have. To be honest, I have a feeling nobody who runs that place would squeal to the cops on me.
And that's why
it's still
one of my favorite bars--even when I hate it.
It is like a
dysfunctional family member
where I meet the rest of the town
that is my dysfunctional family.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Awesome post and one of a kind too, cheers!

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author avatar Blake C. Patria
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern!

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