You Said You Remembered

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A short poem about a cheating spouse or domestic partner. About how much heart ache and devestation it causes and how it makes the innocent party feel.

You Said You Remembered

You said you remembered, so don’t put the blame on her
She’s tired of all the cheating games, now she’s caught you
Playing games……
Remember….remember… both know that game well..
You promised you’d be true to her
then you blew that all to hell!
I know it wasn’t worth it……you’ve been friends for several years
Sometimes men do cry…so this time you should feel the tears

She’s going out on you and there’s nothing you can do
This time you’ll know how it feels to see her cheating too
She’s got him by the shoulders and yes he’s a little older
he’s got her by the hips, you better turn your head
So you don’t see them kiss

its funny how the cheating game can get a little tough
Sometimes its best to know just when you’ve had enough
You should have kept your promise , you
said you would remember
So pick the way you chose
Guess you didn’t realize how much she meant to you
You broke that promise after promising to be true
She asked you several times if you remembered what to do
and now the games on you
So what can you do

Remember ….remember… said you remembered
So don’t put the blame on her……she’s tired of all the
Cheating games, now she’s caught you by surprise
She’ seen it with her own eyes

You cheated on each other then promised you would stop
She’s caught you again so now she’s flaming hot
She’s out to have a good time and I think she’s found a spot
The guys are looking at her and they all like her a lot
The only thing she wants to say to you now ….is
Do you remember me….oh…do you remember me
This time just remember….
because I remember too
There is nothing you can do

by: Ramona J. Saunders


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