You can earn with no advertisement on your own website.

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First hand experience to earn money with no advertisement around my content on my website with my Google+ account.

Content with no advertisements around it will bring maximum money to you.

Your earnings will come from your content and search on the internet with a Google+ account on your own website. You must have a niche audience for your content which some user / unique visitors find your content that will then promote your content for you. It will take 5 years and much more for your content to get the organic views turn into a snowball page views for your content with no advertisement around it on your website. The key to have success with this kind of passive income is your niche audience for your content that will buy your content and the search of your content with Google who will be promoting your content on Google+ account if your content passes the quality test content for being on Google+ account. The views to followers ratio for my Google+ account is 6 followers and 184,995 views that = my V2F score of 30,832. So for every follower I have 30,832 views that are coming organically to my Google+ account which only the excellent quality content of mine have done for everyone to see how having no advertisement around your content can produce massive views with the least amount of followers on your Google+ account. It took me 3 years, 10 months, 22 days to get my 184,995 views for my content that is on my profile in my Google+ account on my website which is from Google Profiles. My earnings comes from an percentage of my content that Google sells and from search on the internet which I earned $0.01 cent on December 28, 2010 A.D. and I started on June 3, 2010 A.D. I'm still at $0.01 cent on April 25, 2014 A.D. but this is how it is done to earn maximum money with your Google+ account which I have done in 46 months on my website because of my niche audience and the quality of my content that is on my website that have no advertisement on the pages themselves where my contents are displayed on my website. My views on Google+ will escalate like no other website have ever done that will reach into the billions, trillions, zillions results on Google search into the future on the internet. I have 6 followers on Google+ and Jesus Christ had 12 disciples that turned the world upside down. Truly my views on Google+ is a sign to the world that God is speaking to the world through my website on my Google+ account.

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