You can never find happiness by searching for it

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Happiness is never found as a result of your searching for it. In fact, searching for happiness usually only ever takes you further away from it.

What is happiness?

Pleasant, trouble-less, engaged, involved, active, meaningful, purpose driven lives.

Does happiness spring from any of these types of things, or is it something else all together?

Happiness is the position of inner joy that springs up from you when you allow yourself to fully love all others including yourself, and of course God. Loving wholly like this brings happiness, because joy and happiness are a part of such loving.

The search for happiness is always one that begins from fear.

True happiness arises from loving, never from holding onto a fear. Happiness cannot be lost, only replaced in part by fear. When the ability to love is lessened by your mind embracing a fear, happiness disappears as well.

Love frees you from fear's bondage. Happiness only exists for the free.

Pleasure is not happiness, but fear is often painful.

Pleasure and pain are dualities, or opposites, but love and happiness have no opposite. Happiness has no cause for it being in you. When you search for its cause you will find the opposite, you will begin to feel miserable instead.

Stop searching for happiness, and let it spontaneously exist in you from you uninterrupted loving.

Love without ceasing.

Finding happiness, ridding yourself of fear

How do we rid ourselves of fear?

Fear is an aspect of sin because it takes you away from love.

Anything else that does this is a sin also. Anything else that does this will always have a fear powering it into its being in you somehow, or another.

Fear is negative love, in a way it is self love.

You fear for your own self preservation because you do not trust where love is taking you. Love self directed like this turns into a self centred selfish type of love that is all about yourself. This selfish love is a type of fear, because it disconnects you from God's oneness.

You only ever feel fear when you are disconnected like this in some way from love.

Thoughts that spontaneously arrive in you spring forth from the happiness well in you. Other thoughts that spring forth from your fears

Thinking thoughts about happiness does not make you happy and yet holding onto fearful thoughts does make you fearful or more fearful, because fears are circular and spiral upwards in you from the very first fear. Fearful thoughts snowball very quickly in you when you give into feeling a fear, or when you let a fear remove some of the infinitely perfect love of God, that exists within you, at all times.

Thinking thoughts about happiness shows you subtlely that you are holding onto a fear. When you are happy, you do not need to think about how to be happy!

Your mind constructs fears, your heart lives from only love.

The thoughts are caused by either your mind or your heart. Loving thoughts spontaneously arrive from your heart and if you let them in untouched from your ego or your minds reinterpretation of them, you will remain happy. Happiness comes from following love, or from being loving in other words.

When you fear or follow fearful thoughts, however, happiness is lost because it has left you for a fear instead. You hold onto a fear rather than allowing happiness to spread itself naturally as it always will.

Happiness spreads out like oil in a pot, but when you place an island of fear in that pot, this prevents happiness from reaching all of your thoughts because a thought of fear is a solid thought whereas happiness thoughts are always flowing.

This is an indicator for you. When your thoughts start to become rigidly solid in you, and so you feel tense from them, you are holding onto a fear. Let it go relax into the arms of love, and happiness will again descend onto you.

The paradox of love existing within fear, but without any fear being within it.

What about natural fears, the flight or fight response, the fear in animals arising from certain responses, such as a fear based on apprehension, ignorance, or other stressful situations?

Is there ever a good fear, or one that can coexist together with love?

Love lives without fear because love comes from oneness.

Where does fear come from then, but from separation?

How can you separate yourself from God's oneness? By trying to be yourself within oneness, and then not being yourself within oneness.

You must be the God in you, and try not to bring God into you. To be you fill yourself with God, do not try to fill God with yourself, or is really that the other way around?

Empty yourself of yourself, and you will feel God within you filling you. It is all about being God without trying to be God.

Let go of you, and let God be you within you.

Stop trying to work it all out, because really all ways are the same to love. Only fear creates a split, or a divided way within love. Love has no ways, it just is.

When you allow love to be just as it is for you, you will be happy!


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