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We all love to write, that's why we are here. We like to read and, occasionally, comment on what we read or see. Some use their anonymity as a cloak to pester and abuse.

You cannot stop me.

I, like a lot of people in the western world, am quite comfortable around computers. They grace almost every home and office, no modern business operates without them and any child of the late eighties and noughties generation, will not know what the world was without them.
A little while after the age of Windows, the internet changed the world. Suddenly the world became smaller.
Documents, pictures, video, anything that could be converted into a digital format could be shared.
As the world got use to the internet age, the medium flourished. Websites, social media, music, it all became available.
As great as the internet has been, there has also been a price for the acceleration of media; its omnipresence, its availability to all.
Mirroring society's need for instant entertainment, fame and gratification, its refusal to be denied any request, has come the dark side; the penance.
As the wide eyed and optimistic, display their charms or talents, there are those who would disparage, vilify and terrorise those who would, innocently, seek to entertain the masses.
On youtube, facebook, blogger, every site where it is possible to comment, anonymous, faceless, spineless leeches, insult and belittle the efforts of others, safe in the knowledge that, know one knows who they are, or where they live.
Their bravado, whilst cloaked in anonymity, is breathtaking.
Is it not time, that those who act so brazenly when anonymous, were forced to identify themselves. It would be interesting to see how forward and brash, they would be then.


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