You fat loser extraordinaire!!!!!!!!!!!

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Petros has really been irking me. For some reason, he is extremely critical of my movie series, "The Future". He barely ever watches it and doesn't know much about it, but that doesn't stop him from being very vocal of his critisism.

You fat loser extraordinaire!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course he still takes absolute delight in criticising my person. I'm just always too "fat" to his taste. Of course, that goes along with his completely ignoring the fact that he himself is a fat, overweight obese blob.

Tonight, as I wait in the West Wing for Mother to dish up supper, I unfortunately have to sit and wait in the company of Petros.

Yep, there he starts rambling again, telling me blatantly how The Future is an absolute "waste of time".

Ok, I have had quite enough of him. See, the problem is I have a good, kindhearted nature and could never really get myself to openly say nasty things to someone else.

But fortunately, it seems tonight I break through any and all inhibiting barriers and start to get very, totally, shall we say "honest", with him.

He tries to block me by saying, and then demanding, that we're not talking about him. For some reason he doesn't want me to say and ask the exact same things to him that he says to me.

But not this time. I can feel how the burden is freeing up out of me and everything is gushing out like a waterfall. I can't even remember exactly what I said, but I do remember the phraze "loser, loser, loser, loser loser!!!!" came up when we were discussing what I really think about him.

He has no job, no wife, no business, no really worthy income, and frankly, if he wants to talk about a waste of time, his whole damn life is a waste of time. He has absolutely nothing to live for. Everything he does is for someone else's account.

And so on and on and on. It feels really good to finally say back all the things to him that he's been tormenting me with for years. It is of course all much more applicable to him, which is why he said it in the first place, I know, but now I'm not holding back.

Petros gets so angry and calls me "so rude" with a face of disbelief. Yep, he seems surprized to discover that the same rude things he says to me, can be said right back to him.

Oh it feels so good. And easiest of all, it seems I can do it all on auto-pilot. I don't even have to think. I just automatically remember everything he said to me, and automatically say it back and tell him exactly what we've all been feeling about him.

Usually Mother immediately takes his side, but somehow she must have realized I've been very much hurt about what he's been saying to me for so many years, especially when she heard his critisism over my art project The Future which she knows means a lot to me, that she actually tells Petros that it's not for him to shoot down my projects that he doesn't know would turn into what for all we know.

"Go crawl back into your hole and stay there!", I remember saying about Petros and his hole of a dwelling. What's he doing here anyway when he has no appreciation for us and our home anyway?

Well anyway, after some while Mother has dished up the food and we can sit down at the table and eat. I feel much lighter now. Petros also seems all jokey like somebody who's been humbled. Thank God. He really needed to be more humble because honestly, he has been a burden to have as company.

Can it be he really didn't think that we think about him and what, or lack thereof, he's become and done with his life?

Seems like he suddenly realized we think he's a loser, now that I've put it to him not so subtle. Seems before, he actually thought he's the only one who thinks critically of others.

Well, some time later he tells Father and Mother that he has a plan now (for making money). It's just rubbish talk of course because he's been humbled; I know for sure he will accomplish nothing of the kind, and not even has any plan really, but whatever. It's not my problem.

He has been ridiculous for so long that it was about time he woke up. He's too fat to call someone else fat, and he's too much of a poor loser to critisize the business plans and jobs of others.

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