You leave me breathless

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Highlighting the need for that one true love, friendship, and how, without it loneliness reigns supreme over humans. A look at how a special someone can capture our heart and how much havoc it can cause to have them not be in our lives.

Without you

Lady you are to me what legs are to a table,
Without you my legs are so it can hardly move
And so fragile it could break before even the first step.
In short my legs are like lead.
Life without you is blood without a heart to pump or refresh it,
It's like air without a nose to take it in or lungs to make use of it,
It's like a pool without any water in it,
It's like a restaurant that serves only water,
It's like a world full of rain but no sunshine.
You are my life support, my smile, my laugh, my glitter, my gold, my temple, my kingdom, my happiness, my inner soal, my saving grace.
The most powerful compass in the world can't give me more direction than you do.
Life has no meaning without you, it will seize to exist.
Tell me you will be mine forever, as my inner kingdom misses it's queen and my blood misses it's redness.

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Writing is about the heart, I want to touch peoples' hearts about something important like love. If something touches the heart, it makes it thought provoking.

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