You stupid, horrible people!!!! How dare you not take me along??!!

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Some people can just make a scene to get what they want. No, I'm not talking about just children. Adults do it too.

Unexpected vacation

I'm watching television when Mother enters the room.

"Marzeus, why don't you come along to Cape Town? Then I can have all my children there for my birthday on Tuesday!"

This is unexpected. It was only going to be Father, Mother, and Harrison, the latter going along to be Father's right hand in the business side of things. They were going to go to Cape Town to check out the site of Elmarie and Stingley's planned coffee shop.

"Well, .... ok!", I say. So why not? A vacation in Cape Town? I've done weirder things.

"Good! I'm going to go book you a ticket!"

"I can't afford a ticket!", I say.

"I'll pay!", she says while she trods away happily. Oh our dear sweet mother, wanting all her children together on her birthday, she doesn't care how much it costs her.

20 minutes to pack

I'm in Lordly House now, packing my stuff. Mother booked my ticket and now we're leaving in 20 minutes. I hate the pressure of having to pack for my trip wich such short notice given. But, it can be done I suppose.

Something's been brewin'

I go to the West Wing and we're ready to leave; we're just waiting for Harrison. Harrison is brought here by his wife Mary and his two kids.

When I see them, they don't greet me with enthusiasm. But, thinking not many people like me anyway, I don't think it's out of the ordinary. Only later I learn that there has been a storm there:

Harrison and Mary are beyond furious. I must say, they're quite unreasonable with Father and Mother, because it had been the arrangement from the beginning that Harrison would go along, and not his wife and two kids.

However, they insist that now that I am going along too, it's a "family vacation", and now Mary and the children aren't packed or going too!

Now they hate me too. Stupid childish people! I have been asked to go along only 20 minutes ago because Mother wanted it so. Now because I'm going, EVERYBODY must go? Why can't Mother have her children along with her, without their extended families too? What kind of insane thinking is this anyway?

Vacation with family is a fight from start to finish. At least it's all normal

Anyway, we drive away but Harrison is fumingly mad. This vacation, as all the times with my family is, is just another fight from start to finish. Again.

Mother tells Harrison she'll pay to have Mary flown there. Perhaps the kids can stay with her Mother? Nope, either everybody goes or we just leave it.

The end of the feud is that Mother calls Elmarie to book three more airline tickets on Mother's credit card.

We turn around and drive all the way back to Tower Hills, where Mary and the kids must still be, to tell them, since Mary isn't picking up her phone.

We find her on the West Wing porch, crying snot and tears, mascara running. Seriously, they must want three days of vacation really bad if it's such a big deal to them.

Baby gets her way

Mary is still extremely furious that she wasn't going along in the first place. But anyway, she stamped her feet and now she's getting her way. As long as after this extreme expense Mother had undergone of reserving airline tickets so close to the date of flying, Mary doesn't refuse to go out of spite.

In the end Harrison and his family will come to Halfway House in Rand Estates with their own car, while Father, Mother, Osborn and I will go together in Father's car. Osborn is going to visit his wife in Kagiso.

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