You two SHALL have a father/son day!!!

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Father and I have a very good diplomatic relationship. But that is simply not good enough for Mother.

You two SHALL have a father/son day!!!

Father and my brother Harrison have always played tennis together and can talk business and business owners they have dealt with, for hours and hours.

It seems their shared interests have made them be very close friends.

However, since Father and I do not share any interests whatsoever, we don't share much time together.

And Mother sees this as a problem.

However, Father and I don't. It's quite enough for us to know that the other one is still alive and well, doing his own thing somewhere on earth.

But, on and off throughout the years, on Mother's orders, we have tried setting up weekly dates during which Father and I would have a braai or go shooting at the shooting range or just go watch a movie and eat somewhere. We even tried playing soccer once, but after that one game we were both so tired and sore, we could barely walk for days. Somehow it seems with age, one doesn't just have a certain amount of fitness. One has to work hard to maintain it.

It was quite enjoyable, but honestly though, it sometimes feels so forced like we MUST spend time together or Mother will scold us. Not that we're scared of her or anything. But anyway the conversation between Father and I only sometimes feel natural. If we do it because we're trying hard to do it, it doesn't come natural at all. We just don't have the same interests.

After some years of not having these forced bonding dates, Mother started up again with her orders of smearing Father and I off on each other.

So, what to do together? Father suggested we go watch something at the movies and then eat. Or first eat and then watch some movie.

But I checked the movie schedule and have seen the only good thing showing already, which was Ironman 3 in 3D.

But, Mother insists Father and I hang out together today.

Well, I need to go to town today. Father is welcome to join me. I suggest it.

And so, it's a date. We'll go later this afternoon.

Well, come the time for it, there's big tennis on television. I think it's the French open or something.

So, Father would rather stay in bed and watch the tennis. And his stomache is sore or something.

I didn't mind his not wanting to come along, but later on just as I enter their chambers, I hear Mother is still nagging him about it.

"Just explain to him properly why you're not going with him", Mother says to Father.

Oh good grief man. I didn't mind. Now Mother seems to think I should mind.

Father starts to talk to me, but I say "Explain to her; I gotta get going", I say to Father.

Anyway, it's a strange subject. Not really strange. Whatever. Mother seems to think Father and I should have some insane friendship bond that makes us want to spend 80 per cent of our time together. But if it was up to the two of us, we wouldn't mind just having breakfast, sometimes lunch and dinner together without being all yearny for each other.

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