Your Future: What Does It Hold For You.

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God's purpose for earth and the future as contained in the creative work of God in the Bible is so glaring that man was given the right to tend and not to destroy or cause disaffection to the component(s) of the earth. It becomes pertinent with this article for us to examine God's purpose for earth and our future.

Your Future

Today's youth have grown up under the threat of having no future at all. Nuclear war, ecological disaster and economic chaos all loom large on the horizon. The fate of mankind, however may be the least of your worries. You may be far more concerned with where you will be 10, 20 or 30 years from now. Fortunately, there is real reason for you to be optimistic about your future. These depends upon how you utilize the present.

"I am afraid of the future, a future in a world characterized by fear of nuclear threats." Thus spoke a German youth in an address to his nation's highest political officials. Perhaps the specter of perishing in a nuclear fireball likewise haunts your vision of the future.

"Why should i bother to get a good grades?" asked one youth. "The world's going to blow up anyway." Indeed, in one survey of school children, young boys cited nuclear war as their greatest fear. Girls rated it second, preceded only by the fear of "my parents' dying."

A nuclear mushroom, however, is not the only dark side on the horizon. The threat of "overpopulation, exhaustion of resources, pollution of the environment,'' and other impending disasters led fame psychologist B. F. Skinner to conclude; "Our species now appear to be threatened.'' He later confessed; ''I'm very pessimistic . We're not going to solve our problems, really.''

Since even learned observers view the future with trepidation, it is little wonders that many youths display the attitudes; ''Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we are to die.'' (1 Corinthian 15:32) Indeed, if your future rides on the ability of politicians and scientists, it looks grim, indeed. For Jeremiah 10:23 says; "To earthling man his ways does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.''

It is not that man simply lacks the ability to govern himself. Note that it does not "belong" to man to do so - he has no right to manage the earth's future. His effort are thus doomed to failure. For that reason, Jeremiah prayed for divine intervention; "Correct me O God, however with judgement, (Jeremiah 10:24) This means that our creator will surely determine our future. But what will that future be?

The Purpose of God For Earth and the Future.

Shortly after man's creation, He told the first human couple: "Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heaven and every living creatures that is moving upon the earth.'' (Genesis 1:28) Man was thus presented with the prospect of living in a global place of peace.

The first couple, however rebelled at God's ruler ship. As Solomon later put it, "The true God made mankind upright, but they themselves have sought out many plans." (Ecclesiastes 7:29) Human plans have proved to be disastrous, leaving the present generation a legacy of misery and the most dismal of future prospects.

Does this mean that God has abandoned the earth to becoming polluted, radioactive-and perhaps life-less globe? Impossible! He is the "former of the earth and the maker of it. He's the one who firmly established it, who did not create it simply for nothing, who formed it even to be inhabited. "His stated purpose for the earth is thus sure to be fulfilled! (Isaiah 45:18; 55:10, 11)

But when-and how? Read for yourself Luke chapter 21. There Jesus predicted the very problem that have plagued mankind during this century; international wars, earthquakes, disease, food shortages, widespread crime. What do these events signify? Jesus himself explains; ''As these things start to occur, raise yourself erect and lift your heads up, because your deliverance is getting near....When you see these things occurring, know that the kingdom of God is near''....(Luke 21:10, 11, 28,31)

The kingdom is the key to your future. Simply stated, it is a government, God's means of ruling earth. That kingdom government will forcibly wrest control of earth from human hands. (Daniel 2:44) "Those ruining the earth" will themselves face ruin at God's hands, saving the earth- and mankind-from the onslaughts of human abuse. (Revelation 11:18, Ecclesiastes 1:4)

Secure under the management of God's kingdom, the earth will probably become a global place of peace, (Luke 23:43) A perfect ecological balance will thus return. Why, there will even be harmony between man and beast (Isaiah 11:6-9) war and weapons of war will disappear (Psalm 46:8, 9) crime, hunger, housing shortages, sickness-even death itself-will all be eliminated.

Testing God's Promises

Everlasting life in this place of peace (Paradise) that can be your future! But while the idea may sound appealing, perhaps you have difficulty letting go of the belief that all good people go to heaven, or maybe you have doubt about the Bible itself.

Some youth have found their faith at times to be alarmingly wobbly, it is true that with faith one can please God. Yet faith is not something you possess because your parents have it. If your future is to be secure, you must build a faith based on solid evidence-an "assured expectation of things hoped for" (Hebrews 11:1). As the Bible puts it, you must "make sure of all things," or as the paraphrase in the living Bible expresses it, "test everything that is said to be sure it is true.'' ( 1Thessalonians 5:21)

Proving to Yourself That the Bible is True.

You may first need to test whether the Bible is truly ''inspired of God'' (2 Timothy 3:16) How can you do that? Well, only Almighty God can without fail 'tell from the beginning the finale.' (Isaiah 43:9, 46:10) And he does so repeatedly in the Bible. Read the prophecies recorded at Luke 19:41-44 and 21:20, 21 regarding the fall of Jerusalem.

Equally, the prophecies at Isaiah 44:27, 28 and 45:1-4 regarding the fall of Babylon. Secular history proves how unerringly the Bible predicted these events! ''After examining some of its prophecies,'' said 14-year-old Janine, ''I was just amazed to see how it was able to foretell at all that it did.''

The Bible's historical accuracy, honesty, candor, and lack of contradiction are further reasons to put faith in the Bible. But how do you know that all these are correct? The inhabitants of ancient Beroea did not accept the Apostle Paul's explanation of the Bible unquestioningly. Rather they 'examined the scriptures daily as to whether these things were so.'

In this same vein you are urged to make an in-depth examination and study of the Bible daily to acquaint yourself with the prophecies of God regarding our future.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Oct 2014 (#)

Now I just realised I am world famous for my poetry and have fans from all corners of the Globe contacting me and interacting with me on a fairly regular basis because of this.
Think I know what the future holds now. Its bigger than I expected. Thanks be to the One Above.

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author avatar Hanson
7th Oct 2014 (#)

You welcome and thanks so much.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
7th Oct 2014 (#)

Lee, great article. A few years ago I decided that I wanted to study the Bible. I spent days, weeks, months and years learning about our past, present and future. I hope everyone reads your article. The people on earth today are in for a rough road but we shall see peace, hope and love.

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author avatar Hanson
7th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks! for your review Nancy.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
12th Oct 2014 (#)

This is a good post Hanson.
I am totally at peace about my future , as it is in the hands of my heavenly Father.
God bless you richly
Stella ><

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