Your trees are pathetic, your soil is terrible, so about your business plan: Go for it!

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Father got in some advisor from somewhere, to advise him about his location for our pecan nut farm idea and the trees Father bought.

I suppose the guy is from a nut farm. Somebody else should have come yesterday, but didn't, and today this guy comes. So are we going to be providing the world with delicious pecan nuts now?

Your trees are pathetic, your soil is terrible, so about your business plan: Go for it!

Well the guy who shows up today is actually a Macadamian nut cultivator. Macadamian nuts... I've heard that name before. Probably it's in one of those Sally Williams nougat thingies. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm.... macadamian nut in nougat.... I'm drooling as we speak.

I don't know if Father thought he had told me that the guy is coming today but forgot whether he did or not, but today I see him outside getting into his car, telling me "Oh the guy is here now".

I'm like "what guy?"

He's like "the guy who came to look at our pecan nut stuff. You're welcome to be there too!"

"Ok, let me get dressed for people."

"Suit yourself", says Father as he gets into his car and drives away.

I thought Father was just maybe pulling the car somewhere so Osborn can wash it, because I assumed Father was starting the meeting with the acadamian nut guy in his home office in the West Wing.

So I go there after some moments, but of course find nothing there. Mother says they're way over there where the trees are to be planted.

I take the quadbike there but by the time I arrive, the macadamian nut guy has already left.

Anyway, what I can make out from Father is that the guy said the soil won't produce too much, perhaps just 50 %. I don't know 50 % of what but 50 % of the harvest or something.

And as for the trees Father bought, the guy says the trees are pretty pathetic quality. We'll be lucky if 50 % of them survive and become big nut carrying trees.

So, is Father going forward with this business? Might as well. It gives him something to do. He's tired of building flying crafts for the skies. He wants to do something simpler and new. So I guess the trees are still going forward, even if it won't necessarily become the biggest, most successful pecan nut farm ever.


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