Zeppoli Laughter: From the Strange to the Heavenly Mundane

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Another Trip into the observational Poetry of the spiritual and mundane world in which we live in

Found Me

Tripping on my own grave stone
Seeing young me in the reflection
A different me
Far removed from who I am now
A gradual but steady change
I am no more who I was
Who will be in a few more moments?
No matter
The grave is the final destination
What a joy
What a wonder
Is this thing call existence

H Exit

Read the signs
Follow them carefully
One road leads to heaven
The other leads to hell
Read your signs
Decide carefully

Humans want heaven but they always pick hell
Undoing the sweetness they have made
Backing the wrong horse
Sipping from an ink well
Humans dream for heaven but enjoy living in hell

Read the signs
Follow carefully
Or become lost eternally


The bible isn’t just a book
It’s a spirit moving over the earth
The printed word is only part of it
It’s still being written
New chapters everyday

Wherever there is injustice the spirit is there
Whenever we answer Gods call an account will be taking

If you look into your own heart
The bible will be there

So next time you read the book
Take a deeper look
Your life story might be there

Let's go dancing

Happy woman
Bored husband
She shops with wide eyes and smiles
He stares off into space
Noticing nothing
Listening for the right words
Ok let’s go
Until then he blanks out
Time slips away
He’s Zen
He’s nothing
So bored he feels only numbness
Happy woman
Bored divorced man

Mama Africa

Mother Africa
Am I your child?
Lost in a strange land
Mind erased
Raised in error

Mother Africa
Take me in your arms ounce again
Bring my lips to your breasts
Re-teach me your ways
So that I may teach others

Mother Africa
Am I not your child?

Mary the Saint

Marijuana makes life better
Marijuana makes life easier
Marijuana is the ultimate medicine
Marijuana is a gift from heaven

Whenever I smell the herb
I feel sanctified
When the plant enters my lungs
I am filled with positive vibes
When the goodness hits my brain
No barriers remain

Puff, puff, then pass
Wish this irie feeling would last
When it starts to leave
JAH-JAH provides more herb ounce again

Let us praise JAH together
Under Orion’s belt

Marijuana is the key to living a righteous life
Let us partake and enter Zion together


Time skips on a phone ring
No one answers
The curves bend the ride
Destination nowhere

Clouds scatter from the mind
All seeps into each other
Absorbed back to our origin

Time ships
No one answers
We all grow cold
Night falls
Sun extinct
Eternity is now here
In the long winding everywhere

Parking lot Blues

Half full parking lot
Behind an old warehouse
Dim streetlight
Frost lightly coloring each vehicle
Old man starts his car
Nods off
Tree appears to be highlighted in front of the black purple sky
Truck driver sleeping in cab
Stillness exists
A timeless lapse
It lasts only for a moment
Yet it’s an eternity

Parking lot full
Daylight appears
The noise ensues
The hustle begins

I love the early hours
I need the early hours

Rain Drain

Let the rain fall
Let the rain fall
It doesn’t matter to me
A rest we all need
Parked car
Parked mind
Feels nice to be paused in time

I never curse the rain
Only fools complain
Everything has a reason
Everyone has a moment

Let the rain fall
Let the rain fall
It does us all good

Let the rain fall
Let the rain fall

Recycled Today

Plastic bag
White with red print
Floating down a black street
Underneath a gray sky

Plastic bag
Where did you come from?
Where are you going?
Floating as if you’re a ghost that time has passed

Plastic bag
I’ll sit and watch you for a while
Hypnotized by your effortless movements

Plastic bag
Plastic bag
Where did you come from?
Where are you going?
All you read is Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Shove it

I have seen human cruelty take shape
A billion winged creatures flying high into the atmosphere
Blocking out the sun of righteousness
Hunting the innocent down feeding on filth

These winged distinctions consumed everything
Until nothing but a desolate place exists
Living for a short while

This does not have to be
Embrace the sun


Life is strange
It takes only one second to fall in love
It takes only one second to feel hate
It takes only one second to be born
It takes only one second to die

It takes only one second to be a success
It takes only one second to become homeless
It takes only one second to be married
It takes only one second to get divorced

It was only a second ago I was shipwrecked
Then you came and threw me a lifeline
The heavens rejoiced together we are sublime

Life is strange
Life is very strange

Tired Age

It must be tiresome for you
To be a boy in a mans body
To dress like your high school days
Though the wrinkles are appearing
Your joints aching
Back slowly breaking

It must be tiresome for you
To try to keep up with the young pack
Always wearing a macho mask
Constantly proving yourself to others

It must be tiresome for you
Listening to the optimistic ideas of the young
Being incapable of having your own
Placing sex in the center of your existence

It must be tiresome for you
Constantly avoiding death
Blaming God for your own stupidity
Trying to reason without the know how

It must be tiresome for you
To stay up late, to wake up way too early
Not being able to get a bank loan
Being a father against your will
To be thirty five and impossible

It must be tiresome
It must be tiresome

Truck Mourn

Oil truck parked behind me
Cant back up
Stuck between the side walk and the tire
I ask for help
A woman gets the driver
I wait
Have a smoke
The driver comes, apologizes
I back up
Wave thank you
Take off into the early morning
Hummus on my lap
Smoke swirling round my head
Wave away
Wave away


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