a bad dream

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A poem about surviving a broken heart. There was a time when I believed it was just a metaphor. Boy, was I wrong.

a bad dream

I cried out to God
and prayed for death
but death did not come
my life just kept going
on and on
every day
and every night
all I wanted
was some sort of relief
from the grief
I wanted someone to come
and take care of everything
so I wouldn't have to think
or move
it was hard enough just to breathe
in and out
much less go to work
shop for groceries
pay the bills
and take my son to school
I wanted to crawl into a dark hole
and disappear
but that option was never
a viable one
I kept thinking
things cannot get any worse
but they did
and finally
I decided to stop thinking
that things
couldn't get any worse
it didn't take days or weeks
it took months
for the pain to disappear
it has been years since then
and now I do not dwell
on those seven to eight months
when I felt like
I was going to lose my mind
when I felt like my world
was coming to an end
it feels like
it was all just a bad dream
life can be funny that way


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