a cold blooded thing

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A poem about it being over and the more I try to make sense of it the more confusing it becomes.

a cold blooded thing

I may leave a part of me here with you
but it will be the part of me you never knew
I won't miss the way we laughed
I won't miss the way we held each other
I won't miss what might have been
because it could never be
I'm already on the mend
and I won't ever dream of you again
there's nothing left to say
as you turn and walk away
I'm sure you will find someone to help you through
I don't care if you do
as long as it isn't me
there's nothing left to do
I could have loved you
more than you ever knew
but you chose others over me
and you always will
there is no love without respect
and you never respected me
so go on
whatever you are chasing after
you will get it
and when you realize it's not what
you thought
for us
it will be too late
I wanted to believe
I could be enough for you
but it fell through
all it took was for one domino to fall
and the rest followed
one after another
until the last one went down
you were right
when you said
you cannot fix me
and I cannot fix you
when we first met
I thought I had won the lottery
I thought God had answered my prayers
I couldn't have been more wrong
your need to be validated by other men
was far greater than any love you
could ever feel for me
I feel angry
for staying in the relationship so long
for letting you say
and do the things you did to me
I was your punching bag
just another accessory
something to be used
then cast away
now I'm falling
looking up I don't see the sun
looking down I can't feel the ground
you did to me what they did to you
and maybe
one day
it will come back around to you
don't worry about me
never mind
I know you won't
lesson learned
another mistake
that cost me dearly
I'm walking away
I'm letting go
no more me
no more you
no more us
I watch the pieces
washing away
down the drain


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