a look into my future( poem about little self esteem one can have while looking into a mirror)

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this poem is about a girl who thought she was ugly caused the dentist took out her teeth everytime she looked in the mirror she hated herself .

a look into my future

looking at my self i hold
my mirror towards the light.
i caught a glimpse of my future
that made me miss my life.

and how i looked before as to
the reflection that i see.
makes me want to break this
mirror as it shows me everything.

how happy i was before to the
skeleton ive became.
i hate how i look right now
and those who made me change.

they took away my smile and
self appearance from beneath.
made me look older than i am
by taking out my teeth.

so i put my mirror down
as it fell to the floor.
seven years bad luck i
dont believe in anymore.

a couple weeks past i noticed
how ive changed.
mad all the time but yet
i consist on doing the same.

so i thought to myself
if my mirror is the cause.
i went to throw it away
wether its bad luck or not.

so i picked up the mirror to
throw it away.
took one last look at my self
to see my beauty has never changed.
the end
by :rebecca elizabeth pineda


Self Improvement, Self-Discovery, Self-Esteem, Self-Realization

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author avatar poemgur1980
my name is (Rebecca Elizabeth Jimenez) married name is (Pineda .)
Im 33 yrs old been writing poems since the age of 9 I write about feelings ,love,inspiration,hope all kinds of poetry

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author avatar Williamsji
23rd Nov 2013 (#)

Dear Poetess Recbecca Elizabeth Pineda,
After Greetings,
I wish to
so i picked up the mirror to
throw it away.
took one last look at my self
to see my beauty has never changed.

Your poems are simple, humble in style. There is no difficult words or sentences through out. This simplicity highlights your style. Moreover, the way you narrate the future through the story thread in between the verses is superb. I am not uplifting your writing, but truly it give the readers an easy and smooth way of grasping your flow of poetry. Keep writing more and wish you good luck. Be a strong writer with vivid themes, Regards & Love from WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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author avatar poemgur1980
23rd Nov 2013 (#)

thank you williamsji

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