abandoned loves .what i miss without her.

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Sometimes in life ,we feel a need to belong in family or relationships.I have that craveing need too at times.although I have regretted turning my back on womens love before.I try to learn from my mistakes .

what was abandoned with my dreams.

Love ,how can we find it.or is there a way to influence it into our lives.love is a takeing of chances ,love can be like time.it shows up in the mist of rainy days,or warm holidays.I was almost marrieed twice before the amazeing late teenage years.once you are touched by it this love s"touch .it can cause hysteria,it can cause happiness,insanity,or yet a calmness of security.I can say I wish I had stayed with my younger or older loves.yet peer pressure interfeared .rumors circulated I had owed a younger ladys a hand in marriage we spoke of love .so we fell for what two virgins patience also what romance really was.the first lady to purchase jewerly for,the flowers ,the fact I had let her come in as to control as into influenceing my life .she showed me a new broader ranges of love a inguenchable thirst to work hard for a engagement ring .well"I envually had got scared she would be burdened by me.even though she had me whipped in towards a wonderful gentlemen who earned the parents trust or faith that for a couple of years I took oaths" of love instead of physcical bliss ,lust for closeness of other womens flesh.I wish I had stayed with her yet I could not hold out for four more maby even another eight years to marry her after her college graduations.I hope she realizes I still think of her in fond admirations of her education plus her domineering ways of controlling me.she was younger then me and admittingly she knew what was right for us in some revolveing escalaters of life as well as love of what our futures could have been.

what i fear i need the most a relationship possibly .

I have met other women ,yet I am afraid of being used although that can prove fun at times.I been told I have a lot to offer also I am creative ,loyal and faithful.it seems I have previousely attracted temps as in temporay interest of younger women.which is a good habit the witchcraft I practise proves to be a magnet for me which proves helpful.I am used to being a solitary witch also alone.I feel I need a change I get so shy though as well .I can't help a slight obtrussive low esteem at times .were I find I guestion myself or oppertunitys too at random .which I do not always realize.I do crave love ,the closeness of hugging ,a heard of giggles too affectionately to hear from a woman.I wait to see what happens what comes my way.what venturers to share with a woman in general weekly dates of shared company in a pair two in closeness of lovers eventually in hopes of.I miss the company of a womens graceful movements suggestions, "

my fear revealed sometimes.

Will love be invited again.certainly it should be in everybodys life.I look for it,I embrace it.like people have told me you need love or company to live and survive in life.love sweeps,scoops us back in towards what some detest yet what some actually deny they miss.I have to open my eyes more often,so I do not miss out on love or bliss ful moments.we all need comfort .we need those awkward moments in to interfere also distract us in our daily routines .I have to admit I get nervous around women.I just can't help it.it happens.I do believe in love yet I discourage myself at times.which I know is wrong.yet I will strengthen my hopes for finding what I fear sometimes.what most men fear in life from women.giving up control to women at numerous times or moments.

common sense of a good womans teachings.

Women I gather like men that laugh at themselves in humility at points of time.they wonder about us they are brillant though .women.I think this .they help us regain confidance .the women in our lives raise us up to higher altitudes to rise s "of power ,fame,or even fortunes.they inspire us ,calm us,putting up with our blindness that male friends try to brainwash us with .interfearing with our lives at times and our thinking.men are thinking it is a vulnerabilty.well love does make us slightly vulnerable.yet it inspires us to live ,to struggle on ,to learn the lessons in life also love.


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24th May 2013 (#)

Hello my friend. Very interesting write you have shared from your heart and thoughts. I quite enjoyed reading your work. Mary Jo

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author avatar witchwriter
24th May 2013 (#)

Hi how are you doing mary jo.thank you.stay in touch.

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