ageing shouldn´t be such a bad thing

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There´s no age limit for learning or studying while one has a mind in good form.

Ageing shouldn´t be such a bad thing

What´s the worst thing of adding up years? Is it getting few gray hairs, wrinkles or skin spots? Is it thinning hair? Is it few ailments or putting on weight? Is it....?
Nope1 If gray hairs, wrinkles or skin spots aren´t pleasant to spot, this isn´t the worst part of ageing nor if one gets some ailments or thinning hair, because for such minor problems there solutions.
Wrinkles not only come with age, because they also have something to do with one´s nature and DNA, that is, inheritance from parents and relatives.
If one´s put on weight, one can´t blame to anyone for it, but oneself. Having a balanced diet and moving one´s arse out of the couch will most probably sort it out.
Gray or thinning hair have also something to do with DNA, lifestyle and diet as well as good hair care in a lifetime.
We can, of course, suffer from some ailments, but so long as they´re ailments, there´re solutions for them ot to relieve them a bit.
The worst of ageing is not learning many things in one´s lifetime nor being able to evolve with the times.
Age is, in fact, a mere figure and every age has its charm and moment to enjoy. If one´s 50, one can´t pretend to join in one´s teenager son or daughter´s group of friends. Some people pretend this and, of course, they´re rejected as a nuisance. If one´s this age, one can´t pretend to live up life or to dress as though one was a nutty teenager. Some people do it.
However, there´s no age limit for learning and studying while one´s mind is working well. Who says that someone who is in it its 50´s or even 60´s is too old to register at a college of sorts? Being at his age, one won´t be able to work as a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher, but what matters is the process of learning to reach to something worthwhile and what one has learned. If one´s registered in a law course, it may be handy to know one´s rights and duties in a society and to be able to defend oneself if need be.
It means that while one deals with its own lifestyle, one won´t be too critical with new trends or fashion, but one can even assume them as part of today´s lifestyle and fashion.
One won´t be stagnant while others focus on studying or learning new things. If one can do it, the phrase "am too old for this" should be avoided from one´s lexis.
The worst part of ageing is being 50, 60 or 70 and not having a lot od knowledge in a choice of issues. Then, one will be an old person full of wrinkles and graying hair only.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Nov 2014 (#)

Old age cannot be avoided, ageing is a one way street. As long as one is not afflicted with severe body pain or no faculty in severe decline, one can enjoy life. I believe in accepting the reality of life and every phase in our life has a meaning to it though I avoid looking in the mirror! - siva

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author avatar Retired
27th Nov 2014 (#)

There are some good things too - my bus pass arrived in the post this morning!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
27th Nov 2014 (#)

Interesting post and awesome writing as well!

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author avatar viewgreen
28th Nov 2014 (#)

The right wise words and a well known motivate. "Long Life Eduction". Thank you for sharing this informative article.

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