always there for you

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I just can't wait for tonight. It should be the best night of my life – and I really hope it is!

always there for you

Oi! Can you stop it, you half brain?' I shouted at Mikey, the bearer of one of the worlds' biggest facial volcanoes!

'What's it now, you fat cow?!' He screeched back, in that girly voice of him, Gosh, I feel bad for the guy – 16 and his voice hasn't even broken yet! HA! No wonder...
'Shut up! Can't you see I'm studying?!' Larina blurted.

'Oooh! Nerdy girl found her voice! Took you a bloody while!' Mikey spat at her, and I felt like going up to him, and hitting his head, off his shoulders. Luckily, I was stopped before carrying out this petrifying act.

'Ignore that plunker, nobody cares about him anyway!' Jake said, and I swirled around to stare into his dark hazel eyes, only to snap back to reality five seconds later, after feeling his HUGE ego creeping up.

'Hm, whatever! Go away!!!' I snapped at him, waiting for him to leave, but he didn't.
'And why is that?! Why should I listen to you?!' he retorted, but I just turned away, and walked off.

'YOU LOOK PRETTY HOT IN YOUR SPORTS UNIFORM!! CALL ME!! 054663915!' he shouted in my direction as I walked off.
'WANNABE! GET A LIFE JAKE!' I screamed back, and walked towards my brother Georg, who was laughing his butt off, at what he just heard.
'Hahaa! 'Call me! Oh wonderful Enni, call me, call me!' Muahaa! Looks like you got a stalker little sis...' Georg concluded.
'Oh shut up! You know who I like anyways.'

'Yeah, I do, but he's my close friend, and he's also 2 years older than you!'. The guy we were talking about, was Tom, my brothers close friend, and band member. Both Tom and Georg were in a band, along with Bill, Tom's identical brother, and Gustav, the drummer – who I've nicknamed Gugi.
'But it's only two years! Come on G! I'm your sister, and you owe me this one!' I pleaded.

'So what you're trying to tell me, is that you want me to ask my best friend out?'
'Not for yourself you bum! FOR ME!' I screeched.
'No way! I've got a life, and by all means, so do you....Ask him yourself!' G said, ending the argument, with a serious tone, for once. 'Oh, look! There he is now! TOM! OI TOM! GET OVER HERE!!'

'No!!! What are you doing?! Have you gone absolutely mental?!' I hissed, and immediately went to my sulking mode, as Tom ran towards us. Gosh, I was totally in love...I've never seen anyone so prefect! His skin, his hair, his eyes....His body!
'Hey dude.' Tom said, you know, in that hot way of his.'What's up?'
'Nothing much, just sitting here, chilling. Trying to get out of doing sports for another week!' G said, and glanced unevenly towards me.

'Hey Enni, didn't know you were so tight with Georg, here...I thought that everyone had problems with his odour!' Tom said, and giggled. Georg and I joined in too. And all of a sudden, I found my voice.

'Mmm, hi. Yeah, well he's my bro. You get used to it after 16 years.'
'Cool. Well, I gotta run, see you two later, cause I'm coming to your house.'
'See you dude, and remember, no chicks!....Just bring some food, our fridge is empty!'
'No worries. No chicks, just us...and Enni. And who do I blame for not filling your fridge?! I'm not God.' Tom said, and we all laughed again. His eyes even twinkled a bit when he said my name.

'That's me..... I didn't go shopping lately. But never mind! We'll survive.' I choked.
'Cool. Later dude...and dudette.' Tom said and ran off towards the rest of his football team, to continue the training session.
'Haven't you got gymnastics practice, child?' Georg squeaked in my direction, imitating my coach's voice – unsuccessfully.

'Yeah, but do I look like I'm in the state to do double jump twists, and pilates stretching? Don't answer that, I'm just going to stay here. I need a tan anyways.' I snapped, and G took no notice of my horrible mood. Great wasn't it? Tom's coming over, and so are Bill and Gugi, and I've got friends over too! I should just cancel. Plus, if Ronni, Claude and Joska came over, I would manage to embarrass myself, and I would never got out of that house again!

*While Georg and Enni were talking, during Tom's footie practise. *

'Who's she dude? She's not that ugly.' Luke said, and Tom just stared at him in absolute awe.

'She's my friends sister. Oi! Eyes over here, brain too. Put your mind into something good for a start. Keep what ever's in your pants under control! And anyways...You've got no chance with her. Her type is hot guitarist....' Tom said, complimenting himself.

'Okay dude! Chill. God, it seems to me as if you've already called dibs on her.'
'LUKE! I will hit you so hard, you wouldn't even remember what a 69 is!'
'HEY! I shall never, not under any circumstances, forget what a 69 is. It is my life's motto, how could I forget that?!' Luke snapped, defending his dignity and keeping that little piece of self respect he had, tightly locked away.

'Jeez, I was joking. But yeah, I've got dibs on her, and under no circumstances am I letting her go.' Tom retorted, and ignored any of Luke's next comments and implementations.

*On the way back home. The whole gang is there*

'Get your skateboard, the guys and I are waiting outside.' G said, and I obediently ran off to fetch my skate from the administrator. After a few minutes, I was back, and the guys were ready to leave.

'Okay, I'm ready. Are we going?' I said, breathless, and tired.
'Yeah, sure lets bounce.' Bill said, and the guys made their slow walk home, whilst I skated by their side.

'Can you do flips?' Tom asked me, anxiously, after we had reached the High Street.
'Yeah. Oh wait on my skateboard, or off?'
'Both....' he replied and grinned.

'Oh of course. Want to see one?' I asked, keen to show off a little.
'Sure, flip away!' all the guys said in unison, and I skated a bit forward, so that I could get a good spring off the ground. And POOF I had jumped and flipped the skateboard twice around it's orbit, landing steadily and smiling with all my might.

'NICE ONE SIS!' Georg shouted and clapped, whist the others joined in as well.
'Okay, this time I'll do some on the skateboard, but before that, you've gotta show me those gymnastics jumps that you always do.' Tom bargained and I agreed.
'Okay, well this is a triple jump, forward of course, with a rotational point and a hands up at the end...i expect a standing ovation when I'm done!' I said proudly and ran a few meters forward to get a good jump.

Step one, step two, and JUMP! I thrust myself off the ground, and flipped that triple forward turn within seconds.

'Okay, well....That was too cool! And I admit, I can't do that.' The guys said, all together, in their own cheeky way. I just laughed a bit, and told Tom that it was now his turn to show off a bit.

'Okay, well this is a bit more complicated than what you did, but it's still cool! So watch me! Don't just look away.' he said, and started to do those magnificent flips and turns, all I could do was stand and stare, mesmerized by his skill and charm, while he did the flips.

I just can't wait for tonight. It should be the best night of my life – and I really hope it is!


Always, For, Forever, You

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