damage control

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After the third person tells you that you are in a relationship with a narcissist then it's time to Google the word narcissist. The personality traits were dead on. But that's okay. I'm a survivor.

damage control

I’m not going to allow you
to pull me back in
chew me up
spit me out
not anymore
the longing I feel now
is the desire to be free
no more you
only me
I found myself
I found my self-respect
my self-esteem
and self love
I like the reflection
looking back at me
I guess I have you
to thank for that
you finally made me realize
it was either you
or me
I choose me
I’m moving on
I do not need you
I do not want you
I’m not going to be provoked
or antagonized
I’m not going to be lied to
or manipulated
I would rather be alone
than with someone like you
I’m not going to sacrifice
my virtue or morals
I’m not going to let you
drag me down to your level
I am free
I am not going to live
in the cage you built for me
I’m not going to allow
your issues to consume me
I believe in myself
you tripped me
made me fall
but I have finally gotten back up
and I’m moving on
I’m not going to fall apart
I’m not going to grieve
I’m not afraid
I will carry on
this is what I call damage control


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