darkness falls on blacks

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While whites arm themselves around the country.myself or others cry out for less black on black crime also the violence.disparity as is befalls the black African Americans themselves. They are part of the fallen lifestyle that is making the blacks disappear into the dust of there ancestors.

a lost culture

more as in more of this pop culture is turning a gangster haven of unruly young people with no discipline in communities everywhere.this admit tingly is truth so practical is welfare that the minorities behave disorderly accepting there own self destruction in matters of good times as is bad times believing transactions, being pushers,solves almost practically anything in life.the youngsters grow up defying law and order, rules of social etiqute as is trailer trash, city talk turning to a life of crime with little punishment.were does this take there futures steps backwards. I see there race depreciating, diminishing into the winds of blurry sands.they are covering into a diminished lifes were there at this rate dropping like jail flys with no hopes for futures.

a falling culture

They don't take care of themselves. It is been known for years they get diabetiase, as is cancer at alarming rates. If they want care they expect sympathy,swollen tears drying into there eye sockets .they do not care about there race or its longevity they just produce more pewtrid decisions anwsered by with violence bared by there own hands.they act as if there congregations save people when in fact there self destructive more then the gays or lesbians.at least they take pride unemployment also strong attributes of cleanliness.the race is on the blacks are settleing with nothing but A bad taste in our mouths of course with bad memories to there demise were the fires below wait taking them to the waste lands of hellish reprisals of with no living respibsabilitys for there others left behind.they burn themselves out of there own futures with there multiple sins of no self worth.


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