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God has its own mysterious ways of blessing us, attribute like forgiveness is one which humans are blessed with.


Do it for yourself!
A refreshing day in fact it became an incredible one when shopping lined it. Struggling through what to buy and what to make off, my hands reached a hanger pegged with a white tee shirt which had a printed quote I don’t like myself, I’M CRAZY ABOUT MYSELF. I simply adored it as if someone read my mind and printed the same views. Alas it didn’t fit me but the quote lodged my thoughts.
Others may or may not but I do admit we the humans are most selfish of all. For those who don’t agree with me, reform your opinion after reading the following foremost aspirations of human life:
I want to be happy.
I want to make my family happy.
I want to make my parents proud.
I want to give all happiness to my spouse.
I want to see my kids happiest. And the list of wishes and desires goes on Did you recognize the common word I, ME and MYSELF it is all over?
Admit it or not we are precinct to ME, MY, MYSELF. Well god made us so. Our brains are meant to function solely for ourselves. We live for a sole motive i.e. to fulfill our wants and wishes. And there is nothing wrong in that. Coz you, yourself, as much anybody in entire universe deserve your love and affection. What I’m trying to say is when we do everything or ourselves lets indebt ourselves with one better thing learn to Forgive. Life becomes serene when forgiven. Learn to forgive people life will become precious,
Learn to forgive circumstances life will become priceless.
God has its own mysterious ways of blessing us, attribute like forgiveness is one which humans are blessed with. Well forgiveness doesn’t changes past but certainly makes future enhanced. Like there may be many spaces in your life when your near and dear ones might have hurt you upset you. What next happens the grudges and antagonism kept your mind bulging. It disturbs you like hell. Let go off it, forgive. Try out you’ll uncover the lost peace of mind. Somewhere inside your heart you’ll feel free. So exonerate to achieve peace of mind, to set you free. Phases of life led me to a very simple way to let your grudges off. Never recall them neither define them. A meaning when strived in deep drowns beneath.
Path of grievances and bitterness is path destined to obscurity. Living with anger we become so close to it that we start finding it correct. By refusing to forgive we are actually harming ourselves. The longer we hold the fury intricate it becomes. It actually is toxin that leads to ailments like blood pressure and hypertension. Forgiven but not forgotten is equivalent to not forgiven. Forgiveness can never be negotiations between two people neither it comes with a guarantee of never being impaired again. Forgiveness is selflessly to be selfish. To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.


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2nd Aug 2013 (#)

Yes I agree, To forgive is the highest!

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