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This essay is about one of the most devious crime in our society- female foeticide. It talks about gender bias in real world and differences in power sharing among men and women.It talks about laws in this respect and also ends on a positive note.

female foeticide

Ablition of girl child when it is still a Foetus, is called Female Foeticide.This Abolition occurs in the form of either killing the Foetus by abortion or by killing the child when it is born.Foetus deduction is the means by which a doctor can tell whether a foetus is a boy or a girl. Even in the 21st century, many parents prefer to know the sex of the child before hand. (why, i dont know!)
Sonography or UltraSonography is the most Professional way by which a doctor accomplishes Foetus deduction. (Sonography is a form of tissue imaging and foetus is that stage of baby where distinct parts of body can be identified).
In many Cultures , A Girl (still) is considered a burden(why?) it is symbolic to misery in these cultures. This mindset is due to the fact that in Pre-modern society women are expected to do household work, marry a suitable groom and pay a hefty BOUNTY in form of cash, jewellery and furniture ( Many grooms have the guts to even ask for a duplex house) (think!)
since such a bounty is not possible for All the parents to give, hence ......

....the easiest way to escape overburden is KILL THE CHILD.....?

Share of Power

In a Society where men and women are partners having a 50 -50 share, women are staggering at a 40% share. women are not even asked about key household decisions such as _ a new Child, selling furniture , Shifting House, etc. isn't it partial?

Power is shared by men as if they own it. They try to be assertive and independent, Authoritative and creative but are WOMEN ALLOWED.......(answer it?)

Women simply have to agree to key decisions, whether they like it or NOT
it is then important to study the particulars of this devious crime. coming back to foeticide, should we kill an innocent just because we are NOT CAPABLE OF PAYING FOR ITS MARRIAGE....

Relief and change...

In the recent era of Democracy, Many such weird crimes have come to light and are decared inappropriate by law( illegal). Declaring the gender of a child before Birth is a Crime in most democratic countries, (sadly!)exceptions always exist even in the countries where they are illegal. the Govt. has introduced many laws and regulations under which you may even get life imprisonment for sex determination.

There is a need for change and i have no doubt that this generation will see an end to these crimes. we need practical men and a practical society. A biased society creates biased men and are the cause of such crimes.

If people entertain the needs of women's share, these crimes would"nt had existed.
If we talk of murder, love, betrayal,illicit friendships, molestation, bullying all are imposed upon women. is it fair....?
Even in the 21st century, I will ask all the guys whether we do have the Guts enough to be a Women?


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author avatar WOGIAM
17th Jun 2014 (#)

I am a woman, and from my experinences in life very few males have the "guts" to be females.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
17th Jun 2014 (#)

Sadly women are slowly gaining equal rights, but their is still a lot of ignorance out there. Well said!

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