drain the color from the sky

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A poem about someone leaving you, how much it can hurt and what you would do to keep them.

drain the color from the sky

I would kneel down
and wash her feet
with my tears
if I thought for one moment
it would bring her back to me
I paint a fake smile on my face
to keep the hurt out of my eyes
even as the tears eagerly try to escape
but when I look at her
I feel myself crumbling inside
collapsing in upon myself
like one of the World Trade Center buildings
dying in a cloud of ash and dust
imploding from the top down
that’s what I see in my head
that’s what I feel in my heart
I look around
and everyone I see
goes about their lives
as though nothing is happening
but something has happened
I have been shaken to my core
the blood has stopped flowing in my veins
the very heart of me has been shattered
in my chest
trapped inside the four walls of my home
at the end of each day
I crawl from shadow to shadow
this place was once a refuge
a place I liked to be
now it is a prison
a place where I go to suffer
and wait for some sort of absolution
that will never come
not in any form
not from the earth
the moon
the sea
or the sun
I call out to the wind
please come
carry me away
take me where ever
you want me to go
I do not care
as long as it is far from here
God help me
I need her
not just want and desire
it goes beyond those things
it reaches down
into the very depths of my soul
God please
give me the strength to let her go
I do not want to feel this anymore
I do not want to feel anything
I want to be numb to it all
to everything
my eyes ache
surly there can be no more tears
I have cried a lake
I have never cried like this
now I am the walking wounded
the living dead
a ghost in the room
as everyone else goes on with their lives
there are no words that will bring her back
I have to live with that
she will never know how I truly felt
or what she meant to me
how important
and special she was
it is ended
I have to learn to live with the loss
I have to struggle to survive the pain
oh what she has done to me
rolled and raged around inside of me like a storm
with just a few simple sentences
leaving me devastated and destroyed
what I wouldn’t give
to be back in her life
just sitting on her couch
or out running around
her hand in mine
I love her
I love her
I want to have her back
so much so
it drains the color from the sky


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author avatar Mariah
5th Sep 2016 (#)

soul touching..

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