dried up tears ( is about how much tears one can cry before they stop all at once)

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this poem is about a guy who hurts his girl and makes her cry all the time one day she stopped crying for him cause her heart had enough.

dried up tears

the 1st time you made me cry i
didn't, like how it felt.
the 2nd time you did it again
i began hating myself.

the 3rd and 4th time it hurt
real bad i wasn't me anymore.
by the 5th,6th,7th and 8th my
heart gave up on loving yours.

weeks years passing me by until
this very day.
your only intentions to keep
on hurting me slowly made me change.

iv'e been through so much with you
as you say sorry and no more.
i know my heart has changed inside
cause i cant cry for you anymore.

dried up tears with nothing left
is how i am today.
that person you married left your
side as you slowly pushed me away.

the end

by: rebecca elizabeth pineda


Dried, Tears Dont Fall, Tears Of Love, Tears Of Man, Tears Of Sadness

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author avatar poemgur1980
my name is (Rebecca Elizabeth Jimenez) married name is (Pineda .)
Im 33 yrs old been writing poems since the age of 9 I write about feelings ,love,inspiration,hope all kinds of poetry

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author avatar Williamsji
24th Nov 2013 (#)

"dried up tears with nothing left
is how i am today."
The above is the most liked line by me. You are having a good spark of a burning experience in life. The poem can be further more strong to be more effective. However, it is written in a high level of sincerity and honesty, Congrats WILLIAMSJI

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author avatar Vickylass
24th Nov 2013 (#)

Good thing to read a poem first thing in the morning! However, I always think that there´s nothing like shedding an amount of tears for whatever the reason. One feels a lot better, because feelings can´t be controlled like laughter or rage. Keep up the good work.

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author avatar Pkalai
24th Nov 2013 (#)

love your work. poem touches the heart. congrats.

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author avatar poemgur1980
24th Nov 2013 (#)

thank you so much pkalai

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
24th Nov 2013 (#)

There comes a time when enough is definitely enough my friend and I feel you have reached it here .
So , dry those eyes , and move on .
God bless you

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author avatar poemgur1980
24th Nov 2013 (#)

thank you everyone for your kind words you all make me so happy i found this site and to keep writing love you all may god bless everyone of you

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
27th Nov 2013 (#)

Tears for people who aren't worth anything will only make you sick.
Honestly, it is easier said than done as you have to just learn how to cope with it.
To grow stronger, grow from the adversity with love rather than hate...

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author avatar poemgur1980
29th Nov 2013 (#)

sorry you feel that way lady aiyanna may god bless you

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