el amor de mi vida

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This poem came about from a conversation with my girlfriend when she told me she wanted to be the love of someone's life. Her comment stuck in my head. It is still there now.

el amor de mi vida

what can I do
what can I say
it is the difference
between night and day
the words
I love you
do not feel like they are enough
are the things I do enough
do my actions say
what I cannot seem to put into words
el amor de mi vida
like deep distant thunder
it rolls around in my head
shaking every atom that is me
I understand
I know what you want
you want to be the love
that no one can compare to
not previous loves
not future loves
but how do I say that to you
how do I prove it
it must be more than chemistry
it must be more than sex
it must be spiritual
it has to be felt
in the mind
el amor de mi vida
I hope this is enough for you
if you should lie dying in your bed
I will lie beside you
and never raise my grieving head
let the minutes
the hours
the days
even weeks
pass me by without notice
I will lie there
and gladly waste away with you
I will not eat
I will not drink
I will not sleep
until you breathe your last breath
el amor de mi vida
when you have passed from this life
your memory will haunt me
a ghost that lingers in the empty
rooms of my shattered heart
your shadow will become my shadow
a veil will cover my world
I would die a little every day
longing for you
there would never be another
until I pass from this world
I will save myself for you
so that when we finally meet again
we can both be innocent
we can both be new
for each other


Poem, Poetry On Love

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