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This is my opinion regarding the electoral system and the consequences of it as well as the attitude of the elected officials.

What election means to me

For the past national election, I practiced my right to vote. However, in the recent local elections, I preferred not to go out and be counted. I have already lost the excitement of voting and choosing who will represent and lead our country. Seeing the economic and political status of my country , I have come to accept that politicians, most of them are truly not serving for the people.

My vote to a one good candidate who could change our country may not be counted as what rules our country is money. It is quite realistic to say that money gives power and with power .... not comes with great responsibility as spidey claimed... but in real life with great power comes greater money.

I have already accepted the fact that people with money will most likely to rule and win in the elections for they have the machineries, staff and capability to launch a massive campaign. They do not necessarily have to be sincere. Their intentions and programs for the people might not be what we wanted but nevertheless because of their ardent campaign materials , they are most likely to be chosen by most people.

I do not blame the politicians for the people are the ones that put them in their positions. It is the voting public who are to be blamed. Due to the poorness (and essentially continue to be poorer) living conditions, the people no longer vote with their hearts and minds. They now vote because of the money sign that they received.

Now, as I have chosen not to vote. I preferred to just pray that the elected officials may be enlightened to do good, do something to alleviate the living conditions of the people and truly serve God and our country. It is the best that I could do and it is the best that I know will truly make a difference... pray.


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