fear No Longer

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***Make living in fear no longer an option for your life today!***

fear No Longer

I no longer live in fear
fear that one day all that
I know and love will cease to exist
because you decide that it is time

i spent many a sleepless night
wondering what you would do next
i would grab my swollen belly
with fear of what you would do to us

the fear was so great
many viewed it as a joke
or something i deserved
because I should have known better
should have known your instability

nevertheless the threats
even after you were gone
would still ring true within these walls

the fear would take over
and when darkness fell
i wouldn't even turn on a light
in fear that one of your
ride by you would see

but it didn't stop the calls
i would freeze in fear every time
the phone rang

even though you wasn't near
i lived in fear for nearly three years

fear that someone would jump out
from behind a bush
to kill us

I no longer live in that fear
it was not people that brought me out
it was by God's grace
God's love
that living in fear of you is No Longer an option


Fear, Love

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